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Re: RC: AERC Business acumen

It was my understanding that a few years ago when AERC was having serious 
financial shortfalls "International" was flush with funds from private 
donations. They "lent" AERC money, something like $10,000 if I remember 
right. So is this negative cash flow paying back that money??
Nancy Mitts

>From: "Bob Morris" <>
>One of the items that indicated a negative cash flow was the International
>Committee. Now, in the initial glance of things this is not all that
>terrible as the several Committees of the AERC are integral functions
>necessary for the over all functioning. HOWEVER, when International was
>formed it was stated, with great promises and assurance that it would not
>need any assistance from the AERC per se. They would be self supporting, no
>yearly infusion of cash needed. In fact they would pay the Office for any
>support rendered. The $10 membership fee would cover this.
>The writers of the CYA memos indicate the International Committee is self
>supporting. If this is reality, and I hope it is, then the Budget report
>should so reflect. To not do so is misleading to the members.
>One point of great concern to me is this excerpt from one of the e-mails to
>the BoD; <<<<<. As a sub committee, AERC Int'l needs to have approval from
>the board on all matters that the AERC Int committee discuss. Int'l is very
>much a part of the AERC, and use of this protocol ensures AERC Int'l's
>adherence and support of AERC and its principles.>>>>
>Since when did the International Committee develop a "sub-committee"? What
>is its function? This is not a function covered by the International
>Procedures as I read it. You may not be aware, but the International
>Committee is different from any other. As an explanation of WHY the
>International Committee is different , take a good look at its structure,
>That is if you, as a Director, have a copy of the AERC International
>First you have a "Committee" with its own logo!  No, International does not
>care to utilize the AERC logo, they wanted differentiation from the parent
>organization. However they did need to trade on the "AERC" recognition so
>the four letters were incorporated.
>Next, this logo extends to the International stationary. Again completely
>different than that of the AERC. I am looking at an old international 
>that states "AERC International, Administrative Offices ..." Granted it is
>an old letter but the intent is there, this is an organization separate 
>the American Endurance Ride Conference. No, it is not a Committee, at least
>by the indications of the letterhead. Can anyone name another Committee 
>does this? Is there another Committee that operates out side the structure
>of the AERC but utilizes the parent as support?
>Then there is the fact that the International Committee benefits not more
>than 5% of the membership! Think of that! All other committees in the AERC
>structure are for the benefit of the entire organization. Is it time that
>they were spun off?
>The writers of the several E-mails indicate that there is a complete
>different Financial Statement for the International Committee. Interesting,
>with membership in International, one has never been offered for review. 
>gets to see this? Certainly not the Membership. But more to the point, if
>all the financial transactions are as purported, why is there never a
>financial statement produced for the members?
>As I have said before, the International Committee acts as a group
>independent  from the AERC! They have their own financial structure, their
>own group logo, their own letterhead and their own program. Should we not
>consider spinning them off into an associate status, so they might be free
>to function with out the constraints of the parent organization. They are a
>very small percentage of the general membership. This "spin off" could
>result in a considerable savings and perhaps some income to the parent,
>In closing, let me say there are many problems yet undiscussed that need
>answers. As an example; why four months into the ride year do we not have a
>legitimate set of Rules available? The Rule Book was approved at the 
>BoD!  Why almost three months after allegedly violating a probation ruling
>is there no decision regarding this flagrant violation of our most basic of
>WHO IS RUNNING THIS ORGANIZATION? My opinion is that perhaps someone, but
>not the AERC Board of Directors.
>Bob Morris
>Morris Endurance Enterprises
>Boise, ID
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