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RE: Horse Training HELP!

It sounds to me as if the problem is not the student or the owner (meaning
your horse and you), but the trainer.  I would not advise paying anyone to
destroy confidence.  If the trainer has destroyed your confidence, think
what has been done to your horse who deals with that individual when you are
not around.  Are there other trainers in your area? It might be good to
visit some established breeding and/or horse show farms in your area and
find out who they use for training or would recommend.  Best of luck to you
and your mare.

happy trails
Carrie Johns and
Lillieaana hc (heeelllllllloooooo new world!!)
Honey Creek Farms
Mabank, Texas USA

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Sent: Monday, March 20, 2000 4:08 PM
Subject: RC: Horse Training HELP!

I need some advice from the experienced riders out there, preferrably with 
dressage & endurance experience........
I bought my first young horse 2 yrs ago, trained her myself with the help of

John Lyons video tapes .  All went well for first 15 months, until she 
approached 4  1/2 yrs old.  I started taking dressage lessons with her and 
asking for light contact.  Within 3 months of lessons, I have gotten 
"bronc'd" off twice.  Once on the trail after crossing water on a loose
 and once in the arena practicing 20 meter circles at the trot.  Thinking I 
might need her and me in full dressage training, I changed instructors.  My 
mare has been in full training for 4 months now.  The trainer says that it 
will be another 6 months before she is ready to take out on the trail, that 
she is very insecure and I am too novice to handle her on the trail.  It is 
costing $800 per month to train her and me.  At this rate, I will have a 
$10,000.  5 yr old trail arabian!  I have been riding horses for 5 years, 5 
days a week, taking dressage lessons constantly.  I am competent, but not 
highly experienced.  MY QUESTION:  Does this sound normal, or is my pocket 
book the one getting trained?
P.S.  The instructor loves to tell me how uncapable I am and how everytime I

ride her, she (the trainer) has to spend 2 days fixing her.  I have lost all

confidence in myself and my decisions.  HELP.

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