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Re: RC: Horse Training HELP!

In a message dated 03/20/2000 2:09:49 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< P.S.  The instructor loves to tell me how uncapable I am and how everytime 
 ride her, she (the trainer) has to spend 2 days fixing her.  I have lost all 
 confidence in myself and my decisions.  HELP. >>

Good heavens, I believe you have answered your own question! I cannot imagine 
taking 6 months to get a horse trail ready. I know it takes time to condition 
a horse for endurance but I don't think that is what she is talking about.  
It's your money and your horse so you should be trainer shopping right now. 
If your not happy your horse will not be either. An instructor should be 
building confidence not tearing it down. Good Luck.

Maria Wallis
CMK Arabian Horses
My Golden Farm, Kaufman, TX 
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