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Re: Horse Training HELP!

Sounds to me as though you should be looking for another instructor. One who
will work with you to achieve *your* goals safely. Dressage not for shows
but to help to get you centered and your horse better able to use himself
efficiently. No more, no less. And the principles of dressage can be learned
from instructors of other disciplines. A good western trainer may suit your
needs or possibly you can find a good hunter/jumper instructor. The operant
word in all cases is *good*. Ask around and go observe a prospective
instructor giving lessons. This does not mean that you shouldn't be out
trail riding as well. I would suggest that you link up with experienced
endurance riders if there are any in your area and go out on trail with
them. They will help you and your horse and may be able to see what, if any,
problems you need to address with your horse. Sometimes, just putting on
miles helps to give you and your horse confidence. But if you are feeling at
all uncomfortable, be sure to go out with at least one experienced rider.
Don't worry too much. The object is to have fun whatever you are doing. If
it's not fun, find what makes it enjoyable and do that. And good luck....
Pat Super
Subject: RC: Horse Training HELP!

> In a message dated 03/20/2000 2:09:49 PM Pacific Standard Time,
> writes:
> << P.S.  The instructor loves to tell me how uncapable I am and how
> I
>  ride her, she (the trainer) has to spend 2 days fixing her.  I have lost
>  confidence in myself and my decisions.  HELP. >>
> Good heavens, I believe you have answered your own question! I cannot
> taking 6 months to get a horse trail ready. I know it takes time to
> a horse for endurance but I don't think that is what she is talking about.
> It's your money and your horse so you should be trainer shopping right
> If your not happy your horse will not be either. An instructor should be
> building confidence not tearing it down. Good Luck.
> Maria Wallis
> CMK Arabian Horses
> My Golden Farm, Kaufman, TX
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