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Re: Horse Training HELP!

I, too, think you have answered your own question.  My suggestion from a
person with no formal training would be to find a "mentor" in endurance and
go RIDE, really RIDE.  A good mentor is more valuable than gold.  You need
your confidence built up, not torn down.  Your instructor is why I have
shied away from lessons though I have recently met a gal that I think I
could learn from and may give it a shot.  I have always wanted to.  $800 a
month!! That makes me a little queasy!!  $10,000 trail Arab!!  That makes
me a little light headed!  :)  Come on, folks.  There must be someone out
there willing to do some trail riding/mentoring with this gal and her

Maggie Mieske
Mieske's Silver Lining
10601 S. Richards Rd.
McBain, Michigan 49657

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> Subject: RC:  Horse Training HELP!
> Date: Monday, March 20, 2000 5:08 PM
> I need some advice from the experienced riders out there, preferrably
> dressage & endurance experience........
> I bought my first young horse 2 yrs ago, trained her myself with the help
> John Lyons video tapes .  All went well for first 15 months, until she 
> approached 4  1/2 yrs old.  I started taking dressage lessons with her
> asking for light contact.  Within 3 months of lessons, I have gotten 
> "bronc'd" off twice.  Once on the trail after crossing water on a loose
>  and once in the arena practicing 20 meter circles at the trot.  Thinking
> might need her and me in full dressage training, I changed instructors. 
> mare has been in full training for 4 months now.  The trainer says that
> will be another 6 months before she is ready to take out on the trail,
> she is very insecure and I am too novice to handle her on the trail.  It
> costing $800 per month to train her and me.  At this rate, I will have a 
> $10,000.  5 yr old trail arabian!  I have been riding horses for 5 years,
> days a week, taking dressage lessons constantly.  I am competent, but not

> highly experienced.  MY QUESTION:  Does this sound normal, or is my
> book the one getting trained?
> P.S.  The instructor loves to tell me how uncapable I am and how
everytime I 
> ride her, she (the trainer) has to spend 2 days fixing her.  I have lost
> confidence in myself and my decisions.  HELP.
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