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Re: advice on clipping.. w-d 40

The post was about using w-d 40 to clean clipper blades with the clippers
running.  W-D 40 is flammable and the friction can cause clippers to catch on
fire when applied to running clippers. I know because it happened to my beauty
shop clippers.  W-D 40 can also be used as a starting fluid because it is so

Now that is a new one, using it as a detangler.

Maggie Mieske wrote:

> Wasn't able to read this was blank.  However, having noticed the
> w-d 40 part I wanted to mention that one of our clients used WD-40 to help
> him get the tangles out of his horses mane and forelock.  He could never
> figure out why the horse's hair would fall out on his forehead and under
> his mane....the horse was allergic to the stuff.  He quit using it and the
> problem went away.
> Maggie Mieske
> Mieske's Silver Lining
> 10601 S. Richards Rd.
> McBain, Michigan 49657
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