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Re: Re: advice on clipping.. w-d 40

Wasn't able to read this was blank.  However, having noticed the
w-d 40 part I wanted to mention that one of our clients used WD-40 to help
him get the tangles out of his horses mane and forelock.  He could never
figure out why the horse's hair would fall out on his forehead and under
his mane....the horse was allergic to the stuff.  He quit using it and the
problem went away.

Maggie Mieske
Mieske's Silver Lining
10601 S. Richards Rd.
McBain, Michigan 49657

> From: Dolly Miller <>
> To: Ridecamp <>
> Cc:; MBlanchrd@aol.con
> Subject: RC:  Re: advice on clipping.. w-d 40
> Date: Thursday, March 16, 2000 9:45 PM

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