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Burying on the home farm

Claudia is right when she says that the equine friend that we knew and loved
is gone when the light has left their eyes ... I was there to the end when
my best equine friend of all time was put down and as they covered his
lifeless body, I looked above into the clouds because that is where his
spirit now runs free ... we are fortunate that our neighbor, who owns a
backhoe, has made himself available when needed to bury our beloved equine
friends the few times that we have lost one over the years ... our elder
stallion still stands watch over the place where one of his mares is buried
... it wasn't any easier to lose two of my daughter's beloved dogs on our
farm and face their burial ... but when the light is gone from the eyes, the
spirit has gone as well and we are left with precious memories

happy trails
Carrie Johns and
Even Now (gone but never forgotten)
Honey Creek Farms
Mabank, Texas USA

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, I couldnt bear the
> watching indignity of her being dragged to the hole and put into it.  That
> was the only thing in our life together that I couldnt be with her for.

        For what it is worth---I, too, have watched my favorite horse
die--was with him every minute--and that horse (spirit) LEFT the body before
he was drug off.   I watched the light literally go out in his eye--and KNEW
what was left was NOT my horse.   So, don't feel badly about not being with
her for that trip--because she wasn't there, either.    I had to drag his
body/carcass myself---and was consoled by the fact I had actually seen the
light leave the eye.


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