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Re: Horse Slaughter

Don't forget that the government that has
> the power to tell you you CAN'T slaughter your horse also has the power to
> tell you that you HAVE TO slaughter your horse.  Think about it.


I must add, regarding the last comment----I had a friend who had a terrible
scare over a possible commnicable disease in her horses about a year ago---a
fetus was tested for cause of death--the lab results were positive for this
disease (turned out to be a false positive--thank goodness)--but her farm
was put in quarantine by the state---all of her animals had to be
tested---any that turned up positivem, by law,  HAD TO BE taken to the
slaughterhouse---euthanasia and burying on the farm WERE NOT an
option ----according to LAW.    Well, as I said, it turned out to be a big
mistake---but it was emotional H*** for her until resolved.
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