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RE: Flatulence

My QH is really a "gas-master" --  I believe he gains at least 1 mph on the
trail due to this *artful activity!  He's fed 1/2 bermuda, 1/2 grass, about
2# of dry COB mix, and ABC Plus.  I really don't think it's the diet tho, he
did it on straight bermuda, no grain in the past.  Most of the rides he
does, at least one vet will say "I've NEVER heard gut sounds this good on
any horse today!" -- Problem is on the single-track trails, he's usually in
the lead (Spiritism insists that the QH needs to be the one sacraficed to
the horse-eating rock-gods), so we get the "blast"......  At one ride in
particular when he was constantly tooting, I got worried and ask the vet --
told NO problem.


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Well, we've talked about horse stretching behavior. Now I would like to know
if anyone is familiar with excess flatulence.  I'm talking about tooting in
the stall, in the CrossTies, in the dressage ring as well as out on trail.
I've sort of gotten used to it myself but if anyone else is around, the
excessive "gas" is called attention to. Is this something I should worry
about?  He gets about 4-5 lbs. corn/oats per day with ABC's added and a
scoop of soaked beet pulp with all the hay he can eat.

Thanks for all your collective wisdom on a matter of jet propulsion.

Sallie and Matt (I can't help it. I'm just full of air)
AERC #15099
NE (Ohio)

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