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4 3/4" French Link Snaffle Bit For Sale

Since you'all were on the subject I got inspired to post this where I was
guaranteed to reach a whole bunch of AaaRab people.

For Sale:  4 3/4" loose ring Sprenger KK french link snaffle. This is the
"aurigan" snaffle which means the metal of the mouth pieces is a composite
metal with a little copper in it. I believe the rings are german silver.
This is the bit that Sprenger is famous for, a real favorite with dressage
folks, runs around $80.00 brand new. Will sell for $40.00.

I use french snaffles almost exclusively, they are simply the most
comfortable snaffle for the horses mouth IMO. This bit is just too small for
my horses. If you are familiar with loose ring snaffles you know that you
usually buy one that is slightly larger than you would buy if it were an
eggbutt or D-ring snaffle to avoid pinching your horses lips. So this
snaffle is appropriate for a SMALL mouthed  horse (as opposed to a large
mouthed bass?). Perfect for those smaller Arab youngsters. Will send it to
you to try but please know your horse's bit size before requesting it.

Bonnie Snodgrass   (301) 246-4934 

Southern MD

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