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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Horse slaughter

There is a major point that is being missed by some people in this thread.

It is generally *not* the beloved companion that is shipped to slaughter.

The horses that need the slaughter industry are the ones that have been, at
best, neglected.  People that won't pay for feed/hay, routine vet care (much
less, specialized vet care), or even make the effort to see that they have
water and shelter are *not* going to *pay* to get rid of the horse.  Some of
these are rescued, for the rest of them, at best, they will die on their
own, at worst, they may receive minimal care, just enough to keep them

Becky Huffman
Huffman's Arabians ~ The Original Series ~

----- Original Message -----
From: Whitney Bass <>
> I'm going to have to jump in with a "me too" here -- Pat, you took the
> words right off my keyboard!
> ----------
> > From: superpat <>
> > To: Claudia Provin <> >
> > >             Some REALLY need the few hundred dollars a sale to the
> > > slaughterhouse will bring.
> >
> > If one had spent years with a horse and the horse gave all that was
> > (and then some) don't they at least owe it to them to be sure that their
> > last days are not spent in terror and pain? To sell a horse to slaughter
> is > > to release responsability for the care of that horse to someone who
> doesn't > > give a whit whether the horse is in pain, is terrorized by the
way he is
> > handled and transported and finally killed. I cannot believe that anyone
> who > > truly cared for their horse would equate whatever a few hundred
> > would bring with the peaceful demise of their horse.
> > Pat

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