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Re: Re: Re: Re: Horse slaughter

I'm going to have to jump in with a "me too" here -- Pat, you took the
words right off my keyboard!
> From: superpat <>
> To: Claudia Provin <>;
> Subject: RC:  Re: Re: Re: Horse slaughter
> Date: Wednesday, March 15, 2000 1:16 AM
> >             Some REALLY need the few hundred dollars a sale to the
> > slaughterhouse will bring.
> If one had spent years with a horse and the horse gave all that was asked
> (and then some) don't they at least owe it to them to be sure that their
> last days are not spent in terror and pain? To sell a horse to slaughter
> to release responsability for the care of that horse to someone who
> give a whit whether the horse is in pain, is terrorized by the way he is
> handled and transported and finally killed. I cannot believe that anyone
> truly cared for their horse would equate whatever a few hundred dollars
> would bring with the peaceful demise of their horse.
> Pat Super
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