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Horse slaughter

The Indians say not to judge someone until you have walked a mile in their
moccasins.  I have to agree with Heidi when she says that sometimes all of
the choices with which we are faced are ones that hurt.  There are four
slaughterhouses within 100 miles of our farm and they are filled with
cast-off horses, those that have unintentionally arrived there via the
killer buyers at auctions or, most alarming of all, via theft.  Just as my
daughters and I ultimately were unable to slaughter and consume Hannah the
Hog that we had raised to fill our freezer, we sold her to another family
that did fill their freezer and thanked us for the scrumptious chops.  I
purchase dog food to feed my canine friends which is possibly the end
product of horse meat.  Livestock has a purpose in this world and though we
would all like to believe that every horse has a family to love and care for
it properly all of its days, it just ain't so in the real world.  One can
blame breeders and irresponsible owners all day long but reality tells us
that as long as there is a demand for the remains of equines, there will be
a supply provided from somewhere.  

Carrie Johns
Honey Creek Farms
Mabank, TX USA
Where the horses eat before I do

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<< Yes, I was really on my soapbox.  But I DO feel strongly that if you
 need that couple of hundred dollars from a slaughter house than you can't
 afford to keep horses.
 Cindy >>

Cindy, just hope and pray that your circumstances never change.  I've seen 
caring, well-meaning people go from financially comfortable to literally 
destitute in short order (death in the family, divorce, terminal illness, 
etc.).  Many hang on to a "buddy" that is not suitable for sale, hoping the 
tide will turn, until faced with the fact that a couple hundred bucks IS a 
big deal.  When faced with feeding your children or feeding your horse, and 
with no money for vet fees, some folks have to make choices that hurt.


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