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Re: Re: RE: Re: Horse slaughter

> etc.).  Many hang on to a "buddy" that is not suitable for sale, hoping
> tide will turn, until faced with the fact that a couple hundred bucks IS
> big deal.  When faced with feeding your children or feeding your horse,
> with no money for vet fees, some folks have to make choices that hurt.
> Heidi

Personally, I wouldn't just sit and wait for "the tide to turn".  Usually
you know well in advance if you are going to be in a situation where a
couple hundred bucks "is a big deal".   So if you're heading in the
direction where you will be faced with a "choice that hurts", like whether
to feed your children or feed your horse, and you only wait for the "tide
to turn", then you have no business with either.  The couple hundred bucks
will keep you going for another week or so, and then what? . .  The
"slaughter" of your "buddy" will have been for nothing.  There are ALWAYS
other options.

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