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Re: RC: Pregnant

With my first child, I rode until the day I went into
labor and was back in the saddle when my fanny didn't
hurt anymore (about 2 weeks) with my baby in a front
pack.  He was so used to the rocking motion that it
was the one time he wasn't fussy with colic.

Pregnancy isn't a sickness.  It isn't a time to stop
being who you are.  Keep riding until it is
uncomfortable.  Your baby just might grow up to love
that "back in the saddle" feeling and be an endurance
rider, too!


--- wrote:
> If you are currently riding and are relatively fit,
> keep on riding.  I wasn't 
> into endurance riding when I was pregnant with my
> two kids, but I was Show 
> ring riding.  I continued to ride and "show" until
> nearly into my 8th month.  
> Then I just couldn't hoist myself into the saddle
> anymore. But I was still 
> doing daily barn chores and cleaning stalls right
> until the day I gave birth.
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