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Re: RC: Re: Horse slaughter

In a message dated 3/14/00 6:09:36 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< Seems more humane to have the vet come out to the sick horse's place of
 residence..put him to sleep...and if burial there is not an option...have
 the rendering plant come and pick up the body... >>

Most horses that go to slaughter are not sick--they are simply unwanted.  And 
if they are unwanted, they generally do not receive veterinary care, 
including euthanasia.  They simply stand neglected until either they die or 
the Humane Society steps in (if they are not being fed).  The vast majority 
of the horse-owning population has very little in common with the educated, 
caring sort of horse owner that one finds in places such as either cyber 
ridecamp or the real thing at rides...


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