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Re: Fw: teeth

> > could someone tell me why wild horses never need professional dental
> work???

Feral horses exist on a pure forage diet which is what equine teeth were
designed for.  They exist on this diet 24 hrs a day.  'We', as in humans,
feed our horses grain and so-on which doesn't give their teeth the correct
wear thereby enabling equine dentists to make a living.  Don't get me wrong,
I'm not anti-equine dentists!!

> > Do they die really young from jagged teeth??? And how do they clean
their sheaths??? Do they die from impacted sheath disease?? I'm semi-serious
> > don't anyone take offense or get all excited...I really am

I would think the answer to these questions is "yes" and "yes" but with
nature this is the way of things.  In the same way that in the wild when a
horse gets old and his teeth get bad and he can no longer get sufficient
nutrition from what he is eating he gets thin and eventually dies.

SW France

Who's not for one minute advocating a return to the wild.

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