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Re: RC: RC: Notched ear - Savaging

In a message dated 3/14/00 5:26:34 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<<  But please Annette read my last message. I  have a gelding that did
 the SAME exact thing, and I am happy to report there is hope >>

Kim - did your horse actually physically attack you?  Did he grab you by the 
arm (or worse still your chest) and shake you like a rag doll (can't get that 
picture out of my head)?  Did he stomp on you until you were just this side 
of consciousness?  Just wondering, because if he did, and you survived and 
turned the situation around, you ought to talk to Pat Parelli, John Lyons and 
Monty Roberts -- you could teach them a thing or two.


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