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Hi---I recently took two of my horses to a dental clinic at a local bording
stable.  A vet and a dental expert/technician worked together the whole
day---The dental tech was Todd Williams who flew in from Canada (I'm in NO
CA).  So we had to pay his traveling expenses also.  Both of the mares
needed tranqs. ONe never did calm down enough for the dentist to use the
"power tools" on despite two mega doses----the dentist had to do her by
hand. Both my mares had had routine floating on a yearly basis, but yet the
dentist said that they were both in dire need.  One mare had zero occlusion
with her molars and all front teeth had to be trimmed down.  Both of my
mares had wolf teeth---one was a real mess.  The vet was also an
acupunturist---she put a needle in one of my mares ears to help her relax.
All to the tune of  $750 ouch----Todd will come back in 8 mo to tune them
up.  renee b.

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