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Re: RE: Re: Horse slaughter

> If you can't afford euthanasia and cremation, then you can't afford to
> a horse and should not have one.
> Cindy

Umm, can't say I agree with this Cindy, I think you're being a bit black &
white here.

Years ago I saw a similar thread in a letter written to the Horse & Hound
which is the doyen weekly journal in England.  Very stiff upper lip and very

Some guy was bemoaning the tremendous increase in owner-riders who didn't
know diddly (as he saw it) about looking after their horses.  He was also
bemoaning the way complete feeds had taken over the market from 'straights'.
His statement to end all statements was "if you haven't got time to feed
your horse four times a day you shouldn't be allowed to keep one".

Sorry Cindy but your statement is along the same lines.

SW France

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