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re:Horse Savaging???

I don't know what's going on here as I am completely lost! *LOL  But
reading the last e-mails it seems that the conversation is a dangerous
horse? Could someone please update me on what happened>?  :?)
   I don't know the extent, but If you don't mind I'll add my two cents!

  I have a younger arabian gelding that is quite a challenge. As a baby
and a yearling he was such a sweet little thing, sort of like a puppy
dog. But when he hit a long yearling and a two year old,that changed
quickly. He soon tried very hard to become the top dog around here and
became very dangerous. He would kick,bite,and pretty much do as he
pleased no matter what we did. I really thought I was going ot have to
say my good-byes to the little Hellion *LOL  People suggested maybe he
was proud cut, but it just didn't add up. He had the aggression like a
stallion ,but he was in the pasture with  a mare and was never seen
doing anything stallion like a round her. People started to get worried
that either I  or someone else would get hurt from this nasty gelding I
had. He would literally chase anyone who stepped foot into the pasture.
   After months and months of fighting with him ,trying to end this
battle and get him to give in to me, I finally figured it out! I never
let him chase me i n  the pasture, but he was always right by me like he
knew he had control. I finally got him to give in, after I thought he
was sure to kill me. I let him know that if he was going to attack me,
he better darn well finish me off or he was going to pay *LOL  It sounds
funny but it was a serious thing here. But you know, after months of
working with him, one day it was like a light came on in his head and he
gave in! There are still times when he will try and pull some crap out
in that pasture to become Top dog, but I found out he's a fibber. He
might come straight at you in the pasture, but all you have to do is
stand up to him and come toward him like "bring it on boy" *LOL  And
he'll turn around with tucked tail and run.
   He is as normal as he will ever be now, and I   think he got enough
sense to stop the nonsence. He sure wasn't getting anywhere. And one
thing I really noticed is he thrived on anger. He thrived if you got mad
or scared! But in doubt all he really wanted was attention. See he
didn't get prased enough for his good things, he was always getting
yelled at for being a pest.And i think he got fed up with it!
     .As long as I go out there every day and  talk to him and pet him
and pay attention to him, he will do anything I want. But I also think
he knows now that I've met his match, indeed I have. So there is hope
with aggressive horses. I'm not saying that everyone that has a
dangerous horse should go out and stand up to them as I did, because
every horse is different.. And  you must know your horse well enough to
know what you can and can't do. But there is hope.
   Don't get me wrong, I've seen nasty horses that never change. But I
sure have seen miracles too.
    No matter the case of what happened, I do not agree that you should
shoot the horse in the head and sent him off to dog food. There is good
in everyone and everything. Even if it may not seem like it. So no
matter if this horse has done wrong, who are we to judge him in a manner
to say he deserves a horrible death.
   I don't mean to cause any argument at all! So please only take my
comment with a grain of salt. It's just my opinion :-) But then again
what do I know *LOL

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