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Re: RC: Fw: Re: Tree-hugger

At 05:17 PM 3/14/00 -0500, Barbara wrote:
I've been around dairies in my life and realize that the cows are indeed treated very well. 

The only dairies I've been around that I'd agree with you about are small, private ones.  The big commercial ones are disgusting.  Just driving near one on a hot day makes one car sick with the smell - not quite as bad as feed lots but almost.

After visiting a few of them, I gave up milk, although I confess that I wasn't very faithful about it since I am a cheeze & ice cream lover.  But those cows all stand around in their own poop up to their knees all day long.  Last year I was at a dairy (looking with a friend for calves for him to raise) & there was a cow walking around with a half born calf hanging out of her, it's head dragging in the muck.  I told one of the workers, but he was totally unconcerned.  When we left half an hour later, the calf was still hanging there, I suppose dead.  But the dairies don't care - they don't want the calves anyway.  So now I try to get milk products that are from local cows - but it's not the same as Hagaan Das.

See, it's my wimpy, womanish tree-hugging tendency showing again (although I don't think I would spend more than a few minutes actually sitting in a tree.  Generally that's uncomfortable.  I'd rather sit *under* one, preferably with a book & something cool to drink).    Lif

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