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Re: RC: Fw: Re: Tree-hugger

In a message dated 03/14/2000 11:42:21 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< The ads, by people for the ethical treatment of animals, or PETA, are
 > hitting college campuses nationwide this week. They claim that
 > milk-producing cows are treated poorly by the dairy industry and beer has
 > less cholesterol, making it a better choice.
 >      A PETA spokesperson explained, "We just are educating them and saying
 > that even beer is better for them nutritionally than milk." >>

I heard this on the news this AM and almost couldn't believe my ears. This is 
what we all need....more accidents caused by drunk drivers and more 
osteoporosis in middle age. Anyone who says people can't get drunk enough on 
beer to cause accidents probably hasn't lived long enough to see it.
I've been around dairies in my life and realize that the cows are indeed 
treated very well.  If milk production were to be curtailed or banned, there 
would be no reason to raise dairy breeds.  Then, the very cattle the PETA 
were determined to give the "good life" to would cease to be. I suppose we 
could allow them to roam the streets and reproduce at will, but then we might 
end up becoming very hungry ourselves.  I love the saying, "Never criticize 
the farmer while you have a full stomach".  But here, here, we're straying 
from the true purpose of ridecamp.


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