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Re: RC: Notched ear - Savaging

Hi Annette
I certainly wouldn't compare your boy to the one Jennifer has at this
point. Sounds like you are doing all the right things. I'd give him a
chance but be very aware of him and continue to punish him swiftly and
sternly as you have been. Sounds like he has responded to you so far.
I would tend to agree with you about the notch too--I've never heard of
"marking horses that way. If after a few more days you still get bad
feelings about him; well then, that's another matter. Only you know your
comfort level and if you continue to have reason not to trust him, then
it would seem that he is not the horse for you no matter what his other
strengths may be. Isn't the purpose of horseback riding to enjoy
ourselves anyway?

"" wrote:
> Annette Jacobs
> Hi Guys!
> I am a big time Lurker, & now I need some help.  In my search
> for an endurance mount, I came across a 10yr old Arab gelding
> that I really like build & movement wise.  The owner has had him
> for 10 months & this is her first horse.  Prior to that he was on
> a lesson string, where she fell in love with him.  Shortly after
> bringing him home, he started to be "too much" horse for her.
> I have had horses for over 20 years, & have broke about 10,
> including Arabs & Mustangs, so I was not too put off by this
> behavior, as she described it.
> When I went to look at him, he had not been out of his 24x24 pen
> for 3 weeks.  The owner refused to lead or groom the horse. The
> first thing I did was turn him out to see his movement.  When I
> tried to send him away.... he kicked at me.  Not an OH BOY I GET
> TO PLAY KICK.....  but a skr*w you kick.  I yelled at him &
> waved my arms & off he went.  After a couple of laps he came
> into the middle of the ring to me, or I should say on top of me.
> Again I waved my arms & backed him off.  Startled the heck out
> of him.  I hit him in the chest a couple of times (with an open
> hand) & made him back up away from me. Later, as I was leading
> him up to get saddled, he shouldered me & almost knocked me down.
> I yelled again & hit his chest & he backed right off.
> Groomed & saddled him & he was skitish, but fine.  Very mouthy,
> but he didn't bite.
> He rode like a dream.
> To make a long story short (too late) I now have the horse on a
> 30 trial.  I brought him home yesterday.  Today he bit me.  Not a
> "nuzzle for a treat-oops nip"  but a straight out chomp on my
> wrist as I was leading him.
> Originally, I thought most of his problem was poor handling &
> lack of work. I figured I would work with him for a month & see
> what I get.  Now with all the posts on the horse savaging....
> Am I crazy? Any guesses on my odds of making him a sweet boy? To
> his credit, he has not re-tried any bad boy behavior, once I have
> disciplined him for it, but I can tell the wheels are turning &
> I am very careful.
> Did I mention this horse has a notched ear? Actually, it looks
> like a split, about 3/4 of an inch on the right ear, at the very
> top.  Is this where/how hostile horses are marked?  I have never
> heard of this.  I figured he had gotten in a tussle with another horse.
> Thanks for any advice....
> Annette  (75 LD miles over 20 years)
> PS. he is very sweet to my gelding in the pen next door.
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Bette Lamore
Whispering Oaks Arabians, Home of TLA Halynov
I've learned that life is like a roll of toilet paper, the closer it
gets to the end, the faster it goes. Smell the roses!

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