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Re: Horse Savaging (LONG)

> I feel him grab my shoulder, very narrowly missing my neck and since it
was so cold out and was wearing lots of layers, he got only clothing.  But
the clothing he ripped clean from my back (t-shirt, sweatshirt and
polarfleece).  All I can really remember is legs and hooves impacting all
over my body (some lovely hoofprint bruises on my back, shoulders and legs -
I look like a banner from Hee Haw) and my ear damn near got ripped from my

Hi Jennifer

Lots of other people have posted so I won't go on at length.  What makes
doing what we do with horses possible is that they in general respect us and
this also makes it safe.

When this respect is completely non-existent the whole thing becomes to
dangerous for words.  Unless you or his owner can find someone prepared to
try and untangle this horse's pscyhe then he should be put down.  He is a
liability to himself and to everyone around him.  But he should be put down
and not sent somewhere where someone unscrupulous might sell him on or
someone well-meaning might try and "rescue" him.

Its a sad story but life is too short to take the sort of risk you're taking
in dealing with this horse.  Its too late for him and it was nearly too late
for you.

SW France

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