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At 11:06 AM 3/14/00 -0800, Caludia wrote:
what's with California laws that they are causing a problem here?  

It's everything with California laws, far as I'm concerned!  There's a law there for every little thing in your life.  I'm sure there's a law about disposing of used tooth paste from your mouth when you brush your teeth.  Talk about over- regulation...

But specifically, CA has probably got more lawyers per capita than anywhere else on the planet.  OK, OK, exaggeration (it's got more hungry lawyers... OK, OK, I'll stop!) but you can bet your bottom (deep pocket) dollar that if that horse bit anyone there'd be a big time lawsuit lickety split.  Here in NM & probably other states some people would maybe shoot your horse for you if it bit them or their kids, or maybe they'd threaten to shoot you, or you might get arrested - but you *might* not get sued.  Not saying that one shouldn't get in trouble for harboring a "known danger" of a horse that bit someone, but in CA I'd figure on losing my house, my car, my dog and my cheap mercury fillings - everything I owned - if that was my horse & it bit someone.  Lif

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