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Endurance.Net Home 2004 Dahshur Dawdle - Abu Sir Egypt
Steph's Images of the Ride. Steph arrived 2 days before the ride and stayed for 8 days. Her views of Egypt and Endurance in the Egyptian desert provides a cultural background to the ride.

Merri's Scanned Images Merri Melde photographs horses. Generally they are track horses - Thuroughbreds. The chance to go to Egypt to photograph an grass roots endurance event was made spontaneously - Let's go and see what happens....

Merri's Digital Images. The day before they left, Merri's first ever digital camera showed up. It was a learning experience -- it was "oh, I don't have to worry about developing film." and "oh, it's just electrons -- I'll take some more". She practices all morning on Smokey. By the time they were in the Sinai she was taking pictures out the window like all the other tourists:)