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USEF Announces the Endurance Training List for 2008

The USEF National Training List for Endurance has been established. Competitors earned points over the past year at pre-determined Ranking Trials. Points were earned by the rider, regardless of mount. The Riders' two best performances were used to Rank the riders. The top 25 Riders comprise the National Training List. In addition, the Top 3 members of the winning FEI Team at the ZTEC Event are named to the List, and the Chef d' Equipe may name Wild Cards not to exceed the maximum number of 35 National Training List Riders. The riders must now declare a horse or horses to participate in the Training Program in preparation for future events. The riders and their chosen horses will attend Training Sessions to prepare for the 2008 Endurance World Championship in Terranganu, Malaysia in November and for other future competitions. The list is updated on a regular basis, and riders may be added, or may drop from the list by virtue of performances at 2008 Trials. All Riders who are on the National Training List at any time during a competition's application period are eligible to apply to compete at the competition.

The Endurance National Training List as of December 1, 2007

1. 500 John Crandell III
2.490 Steve Rojek
3.480 Margaret Sleeper
3.480 Kathryn Brunjes
3.480 Valerie Kanavy
6.450 Darolyn Butler
7.380 Janice Worthington (ZTEC)
8.370 Ann Hall
9.350 Heather Reynolds
9.350 Joyce Sousa
11.300 Jeremy Reynolds
12.230 Cheryl Dell
12.230 Danielle McGunigal
14.220 Jeremy Olson
14.220 Christoph Schork
16.205 Jennifer Poling
17.195 Hal V. Hall
18.190 Fred Emigh
19.180 Lynn Kenelly
19.180 Cheryl Van Deusen
21.160 Suzanne Hayes
21.160 Heather Stevens
21.160 Jennifer Stavens
24.125 Tammy Robinson
25.120 Charisse Glenn
25.120 Sandra E. Conner
25.120 Julie Jackson (ZTEC Addition)
25.120 Guy Worthington (ZTEC Addition)