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Endurance.Net Home 2007 Al Andalus: The Awards

Day 10 (20/05/07) Aftermath - Lynne Glazer

We didn't know exactly where within El Rocío the ride's final celebration/awards were to be held, but we figured it out relatively easily?the drive to get there was an adventure in sand 4x2ing though! There are some real deep spots there, and we saw at least one vehicle in the act of getting unstuck. The streets were already occupied by horses, under cart and ridden. This town should be on any rider's don't miss-list during an Andalusian visit.

The master of ceremonies was by journalist D. Antonio Bustos Rodríguez, presenter of the program "To Horse" of Channel 2 Andalucía, the only television program in Spain that covers the world of the horse.

Any errors in translation from the official finish documents are purely mine! D. = Don (Mr.) and Da = Doña (Ms.)

First the prizes for the 8th day's ride from Sanlúcar to El Rocío were presented. For the tandem (one horse, one rider),

3rd was junior rider Carmen Fields Ilanes on "Capri CP",
2nd was D. Francisco López Maeso mounting to "Red Express", and
1st was D. Otto-Jesús Vélez Castrillón with the mare "Quina".

Next D. Juan Landa and García Sodornil, President of the Jury of Field presented the general category's winners.

3rd. D. Otto-Jesús Vélez Castrillón with the mare "Quina".
2nd Rocío Chavero Pérez on "Don Gorrión" and her brother,
1st D. Francisco Chavero Pérez on "Rociera".

Next, Mr. Maurizio Stecco, Vice-president of the Jury of Field, presented the awards for overall places in the tandem (binomials in their verbiage):

5th: Estefanía García Escandell on "El Wathba",
presented by D. Guillermo Flores Guerrero representing the firm providing the equipment for the Judges and Timekeepers "Écija Ecuestre".
4th: D. Manuel Narbona López with "Pussa Turismo Jérez",
presented by D. Rafael Garrido Fernández, Federal Competition Delegate.
3rd: Carmen Fields Ilanes on "Capri CP", presented by D. José-Ignacio Peña Cheek of Albornoz, Director of the Vets.
2nd: D. Francisco López Maeso with "Red Express",
presented by D. Antonio Castaño Juncá, representing the Coca-Cola Group.
1st: D. José León Caves with "Bulería",
trophy donated by the Real Maestranza de Caballería de Sevilla (traditional riding society) by D. Santiago León Domecq.
Special Trophy Best Condition for the mare "Bulería" ridden by D. José León Caves, presented by Elke Pepperkorn DVM, Vice-president of the Veterinary Comisión of Aid.

Next presentation for the General Clasificación Final:

5th: the team of D. Gerard Cobo Trabal and D. Josep Costa Aguilar riding "Deria" and "Olivia",
presented by D. Eduardo Sánchez Bailiff, Vowel of Raid of the Federación Andalusian of Hípica.
4th: the team of Mrs. Sarah Hobbs and D. Pablo Gnaws Silva with "Década 50%" and "Vesana",
presented by D. Francisco Yebra Sánchez, President of the Comisión Nacional de Raid of the Real Federación Hípica Española and Seleccionador Nacional.
3rd: the team of Mrs. Iris Marion Janowski and D. Luís Hens Serena riding "Eritrea" and "Caracas",
by the representative of the Excmo. City council of Almonte (Huelva) D. Antonio García Environment Rebollo, Councilman.
2nd: the team of Carme Masnou Sariols and Da. Ivet Pi Masnou with "Pinkfloid" and "Pluso",
by Natalia Guardiola Osborne, representing Grupo Konecta.
1st: the team of Carolina García Escandell and D. José Magán with "Aliada" and "Risk",
by D. Miguel Ángel García González de Quevedo representing the sponsoring financial organization Cajasol.
Special Trophy Best Condition for the horse "Risk" of the winning equipment and was presented Dr Francisco Castejón Montijano, President of the Veterinary Comisión.

Next was presentation of the following special prizes, gorgeous sculptures mostly:

To the highest ranked Andalusian rider in the tandems, to D. José León Caves and he was presented a trophy donated by the Federación Andalusian of Hípica by its president, D. Sour Francisco Trujillo.

Andalusian team highest placed in the general classification was awarded to Mrs. Iris Marion Janowski and D. Luís Hens Serena, with the trophies donated by the Federación Andalusian of Hípica by its president.

To the top placing purebred Arab - "Risk", of the winning equipment, won the trophy donated by the Asociación Española de Criadores de Caballos Árabes by its president S.A.R. Doña Teresa de Borbón the Two Sicilies.

To the top-ranked Anglo Arab horse in tandems category to "Capri CP" ridden by Carmen Field Ilanes-she won a trophy donated by the Asociación Española de Criadores de Caballos Anglian by its president D. Antonio Fields Peña.

Top Anglo-Arabian team in the general category to "Eritrea" and "Caracas" ridden by Mrs. Iris Marion Janowski and D. Luís Hens Serena, trophies donated by AECCAá presented by their president D. Antonio Peña Fields.

Trophy to the human sportsmanship donated by the Real Pineda Club of Seville, that personified by the rider D. Otto-Jesús Vélez Castrillón and entregó D. Javier Bustamante in representación of this club.

Some great awards, but on the other hand the Organization wanted to show its gratefulness and recognition to the Civil Guard and to its groupings Rural, of Tráfico and Seprona, by the desempeñada work and its great collaboration for the security and better development of the event, so they presented a commemorative plaque.

For the final act, D. Antonio García Rebollo, on behalf of the Excmo. City council of Almonte (Huelva), presented a plate to the Organizing Committee to D. José Manuel Soto of recognition by the good development of this second Kaliber ride "Territories of al- Andalus" - Ecuestre Return to Andalucía, after which the Organización offered a supper to all the participants in a great final celebration.

I drove back to the hotel, with the streets still teeming with activity, my chance to slide the Fiat around, whee! The Hotel Toruño backed up to the wetlands, and my room was properly oriented to catch the sunrise. But I didn't get up to see it, with the ride over, my day's mission was only to somehow get to Madrid for a 6 am flight to Amsterdam.

After a late breakfast Michael hooked me up with vet Pablo and environmental scientist Paola Trigo of Códoba, and departed to Seville to work on show jumpers. I was delighted to journey with them to their town via Seville, and they generously spent several hours guiding me around the old city including the palace where the Spanish horse breed originated. They are Argentinean and had met while college students in Córdoba, living in the old city.

Thanks to the organizers for putting me up (putting up with me?) throughout the astounding journey through their gorgeous countryside-and I hope they (and endurance.net viewers) enjoy the photos.

Lynne Glazer