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Endurance.Net Home 2007 Shining Moon: 2nd and 3rd
Ann Hall on Atina de Soi came across the line at 12:53 for a second place finish. Both Ann and Atina looked great - they had a good ride. Ann said once it cooled off they picked up a faster pace and the hills didn't seem as steep!

Noriko Endo on Pony Boy finished 6 minutes later in third place.

There are still 6 riders on trail: Kunihiko Tani on Katsutaro, Shohei Chuma on Freedom Sebastion II (they got lost for a bit - we were all watching the gps tracking on the screen and one of the little red dots started going the wrong way... her crew drove out and got her turned back around), Nobuhiro Sato on Rushcreek Ideal was the last rider to leave on the final loop. And finally the three riders on the Hokkaido ponies - Kiyoshi Ozawa on Otanoshike, Hiroko Yachi on Tim, and Osami Yamaguchi on Spirits. I think they're all going to make it by 5am!