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Endurance.Net Home 2007 Shining Moon: The Start
Trail is Open - 18 starters, trotted out of the wooded camp, crossed the paved bridge -lots of clomping as hooves hit asphalt - and dropped back down into the woods to begin Japan's first International 100 mille ride. Horses were energized, but behaved, starting the first 22km loop. Concentration on the rider's faces as they rode those first few minutes. Lots of folks gathered around to see them off - a very big deal event for Japan.

All the riders are carrying cellphones with gps trackers, the signal is being relayed back to camp and the riders' progress is being monitored on the screen here in the office. I just heard a big laugh come from the room as one of the dots suddenly appeared in the lake - did somebody toss their phone into the water? did a horse take a dive? or maybe just graphical display error? at any rate, the audience is engaged - plenty to do while waiting for the riders.

I'm headed out in a few minutes, will hike down the trail a bit and try to get photos of the first riders coming in. Will post images asap.