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Endurance.Net Home 2007 Assisi: Bab al Shams Endurance Cup

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Top Three Finishers!

First to Finish

Patrizia Giacchero
     and India

Second to Finish

Daniela Blasi
     and Los Angales Estashadek

Third to Finish

Diana Origgi
     and Primula Baia

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The Finish

Mid Day

The Start

Vetting In

The Opeining


Through the Eyes of Alice

Assisi Endurance Lifestyle presented today in Rome

This morning, at the Hotel Bernini Bristol of Rome, a press conference was held to introduce the economic-institutional aspects of the Assisi Endurance Lifestyle.

The main topic of the conference was the development of commercial relations between Italy and the United Arab Emirates, a country where Endurance is the national sport par excellence. [More ...]

Merri Arrives in Assisi - Buon giorno! Hello, good day! Really can't complain when a handsome Italian man in a suit and tie is holding a sign, "Merri Melde," at the Rome airport and picking me up in a Mercedes SUV! [More ...]

Assisi Endurance Lifestyle Downstairs in the charming Hotel Pallotta, I again met sisters Sally and Jill, and Jill's daughter Ginny, from Alaska and travelling around Europe. We lingered over cappuchinos and told travel stories again. I introduced them yesterday to the sport of Endurance Riding - they hadn't heard of it... [More ...]

The Opening Gala Our driver picked up the four of us - Alice Proust, Nicolas Wahlen, (the professional organizer of Compiegne), The Raven (stuffed in my bag), and me, and shuttled us to the Misura Endurance Village in the valley just below Assisi Town. Nicolas, formerly from the jumping world, ("I'm too old for that now,") is now an enthusiastic endurance rider, and is doing a 90 km ride next weekend near his home in France... [More ...]

Vetting In Things were still getting set up at the Misura Endurance village the day of vetting in. We 3, Nicolas, Alice, and I, hung around the venue all day, and baked... and I mean baked. We all know by now I don't like the heat, but this was beyond merely hot. It was broiling, in the 90's, and very humid, with little breeze. And it wasn't just me whining; everybody commented on it, fanning themselves, wilting, and thinking of the horses in the ride tomorrow. Annett from South Africa said this was a shock to her. And do you think there'd be ONE ice cube on the place? Or even a cold drink? No... [More ...]
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The Starters