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2018 Idaho Endurance Rides!

A look back at this year's Idaho endurance rides!

2018 Idaho Endurance Rides gallery

Owyhee Tough Sucker I - April 7 - Oreana

And The Band Played On
Seriously - does nobody read the weather reports? Who would even want to come for an endurance ride with a deluge and a hurricane in the forecast? The weathermasters have been pretty inaccurate with the precipitation this winter, but they've been spot on with the wind, and we were in for a big blow on Saturday, if not at least some of the 100% chance of rain they predicted Friday night and Saturday morning....


Eagle Canyon - April 28 - Eagle

Third Time's the Charm
Year 1 for Layne Simmons, taking over as ride manager for the annual spring ride in Idaho's Eagle foothills, saw lots of cancellations because of the crappy weather (heavy Friday night rain = mud), even from riders who'd shown up planning to saddle up Saturday morning.

Year 2, Layne got the hurricane. More riders toughed that one out, but it sure turned out to be nice for:

Year 3, with the perfect weather and good attendance for the Eagle Canyon endurance ride.....


City of Rocks - June 7-8-9 - Almo

Put it on Your Bucket List
"City of the Rocks ride was absolutely amazing!!" - Idaho rider Sally Tarbet

We Crick people do our bestest to put on a great 3-day Pioneer endurance ride for those who want great trails and a good challenge. Over the 8 years we've done it, we've got our routine and jobs down pretty pat. That's not to say it's not exhausting, but it's pretty rewarding when numerous people take the time to write, or stop by before they head home, and gush about their experiences, and thank us for putting it on. And when you hear the term "Bucket List ride" tossed around a bit, well, the tiredness and tribulations (like that gnarly wind storm we had Saturday night!) seem trivial enough...


Top O' the World - June 28-29-30 - Spencer

Tip of my hat to Top Of The World
(2017 ride) The logistics of getting all of the 'Creek People' to a multiday ride can be challenging, but we managed to get it done, and it was a splendid ride! This is a new 3-day ride in a spectacular part of Idaho. Jessica (determined and inspired) and Mike (reluctant but willing) Cobbley did an amazing job of finding the most beautiful basecamp, and some very fine trails in the Caribou-Targhee National Forest. We had views of the Grand Tetons to the East, and numerous lesser mountain ranges to the north, south and west. It's high country, basecamp was at 6500 feet, and the stands of pine and fir intermingle with aspen groves, sagebrush hills and mountain meadows to create a very beautiful mosaic of greens. Absolutely gorgeous country. ...


Autumn Sun - September 28-29-30 - Gooding

Inaugural Autumn Sun Pioneer
There was a hole in the southwest Idaho ride calendar with the long-established Owyhee Canyonlands no longer leaving tracks across the Owyhee Desert. Lynn White and Jessica Huber as co-ride managers stepped up to fill that gap over the weekend of September 28-30 with the Autumn Sun Pioneer, near Gooding, Idaho.

Lynn White took it on because she likes and knows the trails in that area. (She had put on a nearby 2-day ride a couple of years ago.) First-time ride manager Jessica Huber took it on because, as she said, "I'm twisted! I love it!" ...


Owyhee Hallowed Weenies - October 27 - Oreana

Wrappin' It Up
The Crown Prince with Blood On His Hands. A couple of Butterflies. Alec Ramsay on The Black Stallion. Wonder Woman. A Ballerina. A Jockey on a Giraffe. A Unicorn. A Steampunker.

It was just another typical fine autumn day in the Owyhee high desert with an eclectic group of endurance riders, gathering for the Owyhee Hallowed Weenies, the last ride of the season. The weather was perfect, the golden cottonwoods at their most flamboyant. And photographer Steve Bradley survived to shoot the ride after Cindy's naughty crabby horse Bo, who's 20 but was acting like a 2-year-old, kicked him in the arm while vetting in on Friday. ...



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