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I Know You Rider - Evanston, Wy

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2015 I Know You Rider Pioneer

Thursday Arrival

Friday, Day 1 - Merri Pix

Friday, Day 1 - Steph Pix

The Best Horse Endurance Ride in Wyoming - by Merri Melde

August 26 2015

Time for another road trip!

Pickett Crick loaded up and headed to southwest Wyoming for the I Know You Rider endurance ride over the August 21-23 weekend.

"I Know You Rider" is not some random name for a friendly endurance ride, where people happen to recognize each other out on trail, even under helmets and sunglasses. You Deadheads already know that "I Know You Rider" is a Grateful Dead song. Ride manager Beth Buzis' husband John is a Deadhead. And you'd be excused if you mistook him for Jerry Garcia. I hear he also plays a mean guitar.

The Buzis family and friends put on this multi-day ride for the 5th (and last) time, near Evanston. A railroad town in the 1860's, Evanston is now a natural gas siphon (and a guns and shooting territory! Lots of "No Shooting!" signs, and empty cartridges everywhere), and a recreation area for hunting, fishing, hiking, biking, ATVing, snowmobiling. And shooting.

It's also right on the edge of Butch Cassidy territory. Riding in the West makes it easy for imaginations to run wild, and the hills and mountains and the Bear River and the Wyoming wind all make you feel like you could be out there trying to dodge the posse as your dust swirls skyward. I bet you a couple of Butch's horses once laid prints on a couple of the trails we travelled.

Ridecamp, at 6650', sat in a little valley through which the wind either tumbled, blasted, or roared, depending on its whim (there exists a Windy Wyoming Equestrian Association - wonder how they came up with that name!). Steph, and Carol, and honorary Pickett Crickers Helen and Ann circled their wagons (horse trailers) to shield us and our horses from some of the wind.

On Friday, Smokey and Steph, August and Carol, and Dudley and I headed out on the 50 mile trail. DWA Emigree and Helen, and DWA Nadra and Ann rode out ahead of us, and Saruq and Connie, and Dezzie and Sarah took to the trail behind us. There were only 14 starters on the 50...

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Join us for the best horse endurance ride in Wyoming!

Dates: Aug 21-23, 2015

Directions to ride: Take I-80 to Evanston Wy. Take 89 No. 6 miles to the Hornet’s Nest Convenience store stay right. Take Whitney Canyon road 6 miles to base camp on your left. Whitney Canyon road will take a natural 90 degree right turn and then turn to very good dirt about 1//2 mile before base camp. Follow signs and flagging.

Vet Checks: Vet checks are out all 3 days. We will have a trailer to haul vet check bags. Tom Currier will be available Thursday evening for vet-ins as well as Friday morning.

Meals: Dinner is provided Friday and Saturday. We are asking non-riders for a $10 donation for dinner, Lunches are provided to all daily. Live entertainment Saturday!

Start Times: Start times are dependent on daily temperatures and veterinarian recommendation. Scheduled start times are 6:00 am for the 75’s, 7:00 am for the 50’s and 8:00 am for the 30’s.

Trails: Mostly 2 track with some single track. We are in the rocky mountains and there are some sections of rock. Most of the trail is perfect footing.

Water/facilities: There will be water troughs in camp and on trail. We will have port-a-potties at base camp. There is bathroom facilities at the dam and bushes at the Butte vet check.

Hay: Certified hay is NOT required, please spread hay and manure.

Awards: Everyone receives great completion awards each day. Best condition if available for both distances all 3 days. Peak Wireless will be photographing the ride on Saturday and available for private shoots.

I Know You Rider is looking forward to seeing you! Happy Trails.