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2008 Colorado Young Riders
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North American Junior/Young Riders Endurance Ride - start time 6 AM, 61 degrees

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Individual Medals:
Gold: Morgan Watson SE
Silver: Cassandra Roberts SE
Bronze: Christina Kimery

Team Medals:
Gold: Southeast
Silver: Central

Best Condition: Maria Muzzio

Morgan Watson Wins NAJYRC Endurance Race


RELEASE: July 18, 2014
AUTHOR/ADMINISTRATOR: USEF Communications Department

Lexington, Ky. - The North American Young Rider Endurance Championship began bright and early on Friday morning, as 14 entries raced through the Kentucky Horse Park and surrounding farmland. After little more than six hours and 14 minutes on the trail, it came down to a single second that separated the first and second-place finishers.

Teammates on the Southeast team, Morgan Watson and Cassandra Roberts, showed their team spirit as they cantered the home stretch side-by-side. It was Watson (Clinton, Tenn.) and her own My Lords Elisha who crossed the finish line first in a time of 6:14:23, with Roberts (Bronson, Fla.) and Janice Worthington’s Golden Lightning finishing second in 6:14:24. Christina Kimery (Bixby, Okla.) and Jeremy Olson’s Noslo’s Selket Da Yankee crossed third in a time of 6:44:32.

The Southeast team finished Friday with the best cumulative time of 19:16:37. The team is composed of:
Michael Bishop (Raleigh, N.C.) and Mary Farris’ Thundering Overtime
Mallory Capps (Cumming, Ga.) and Jeremy Olson’s SA Belshazzar
Morgan Watson (Clinton, Tenn.) and My Lords Elisha
Josie Whelan (Leicester, N.C.) and Cheryl and Stagg Newman’s FFC First Csea Lord
Cassandra Roberts (Bronson, Fla.) and Janice Worthington’s Golden Lightning

The Central team was the second and final team to complete the course in a time of 23:01:12. The team is composed of:
Mary Kathryn Clark (Eatonton, Ga.) and Mustafa Tehrani’s Chasing The Wind
Emilynn DiBassie (Magnolia, Texas) and her own MK Spyder
Jessica DiCamillo (Las Cruces, N.M.) and Karen Binns-DiCamillo’s SHA Strike Two
Christine Kimery (Bixby, Okla.) and Jeremy Olson’s Noslo’s Selket Da Yankee

Canadian Endurance Rider, Katya Levermann, Finishes in Fourth in NAYRER


Riding Tracy Reynolds' TEF Sunflash (CRF Jalal x Lewisfield Sunraf), a 14-year-old Arabian gelding, Katya Levermann of One Hundred Mile House, BC finished in fourth place in the NAJYRC-CH 4* FEI Championship race.

The race, 120 km in length, consisted of five loops around and just outside of the Kentucky Horse Park grounds.

After the first loop, Levermann and TEF Sunflash were in 11th place, and the pair moved up to fifth place after the second loop. Following the third loop, they slipped to sixth place. They were sitting in fifth place, 13 minutes off of third place, heading in to the last loop. With a very fresh, fit horse, Levermann strategically planned her advance. The pair quickly gained ground and completed the ride just over a minute behind the bronze medal winner.

"First and foremost I would like to thank Tracy Reynolds for lending me such a wonderful horse, Flash," said Levermann, who is attending her first NAJYRC. "I am just thrilled with his performance, and I couldn't be prouder to represent Canada. Coming in fourth was dream come true."

"Katya did an absolutely incredible job and her fourth place finish today will be a personal best," said Maura Leahy, chef d'équipe. "She worked every loop to progress, and we are absolutely thrilled with where she finished. Our whole team--Tracy Reynolds, the owner; Glenn Sinclair, the team veterinarian; Peter Levermann, Katya's father and Katelyn Reynolds, as a guest--did a huge job helping Katya and bringing her through to the finish today."

For more information and complete results for NAJYRC, please visit www.youngriders.org.

Cassandra Roberts and Morgan Watson cross finish line first!

Race Day Photos
#2014NAJYRC - Best Condition to Maria Muzzio NE on Laconic, with Chef Mom looking on.

#2014NAJYRC - Standing for BC: 80-Katya Levermann 53-Jessica Dicamillo 63-Maria Muzzio 71- Michael Bishop 73- Morgan Watson

#2014NAJYRC - Final loop results with finish times (there were 2:40 of hold times)
1- 73 Morgan Watson SE 3:24:23
2-75 Cassandra Roberts SE 3:24:24
3-54 Christina Kimery CT 3:54:32
4-80 Katya Levermann Canada 3:55:20
5-71 Michael Bishop Se 3:55:22
6-53 Jessica diCamillo CT 4:04:50
7-63 Maria Muzzio NE 4:04:51
8-72 Mallory Capps SE 4:06:21
9-74 Josie Whelan SE 4:04:22
10 51 Mary Kathryn Clark 6:30:59 pm EST
11 62 Hunter Green 7:23;32 pm EST

#2014NAJYRC - FINISH partial results:
1- 73 Morgan Watson SE
2-75 Cassandra Roberts SE
3-54 Christina Kimery CT
4-80 Katya Levermann Canada
5-71 Michael Bishop Se
6-53 Jessica diCamillo CT
7-63 Maria Muzzio NE
8-72 Mallory Capps SE (now elite)
9-74 Josie Whelen SE

#2014NAJYRC - #74 Josie Whelen passed inspection.

#2014NAJYRC - #'s 71 Michael Bishop, 80 Katya Levermann, 53 Jessica DiCamillo, 63 Maria Muzzio & 72 Mallory Capps pass inspection - And this was Mallory's Elite status ride!

#2014NAJYRC - #72 Mallory Capps

, #63 Maria Muzzio, #80 Katya Levermann &74 Josie Whelan are in for finish

#2014NAJYRC - #54 Christina Kimery on Yankee passed inspection

#2014NAJYRC - #54 Christina Kimery finished third, #53 Jessica DiCamillo is 4th & #71 Michael Bishop finished 5th

#2014NAJYRC - Horse #64 with Taylor Stine pulled, rider option

#2014NAJYRC - Order of finish (thus far):
1- Morgan Watson
2 - Cassandra Roberts

#2014NAJYRC - #73 Morgan Watson on My Lords Elisa passed inspection

Cassandra Roberts on Golden Lightening passes inspection!

#2014NAJYRC - Morgan Watson and Cassandra Roberts crossed the finish line at 3:24

#2014NAJYRC - Fourth loop results partial:
1- 73 Morgan Watson SE
2-75 Cassandra Roberts SE
3-54 Christina Kimery CT
4-71 Michael Bishop SE
5-80 Katya Levermann Canada
6-72 Mallory Capps SE
7-63 Maria Muzzio NE
8-53 Jessica Dicamillo CT
9-74 Josie Whelan SE

#2014NAJYRC - Light rain is falling as we wait for the front runners

#2014NAJYRC - After 3rd loop the team standings are:
1-SE 13:00:15
2-CT. 14:11:41
3-NE 16:20:01

#2014NAJYRC - #'s 71 Michael Bishop, 72 Mallory Capps, 63 Maria Muzzio & 80 Katya Levermann in from 4th loop.

#2014NAJYRC - #54 Chistina Kimery is running about 20 minutes behind front runners

#2014NAJYRC - #75 Cassandra Roberts & #73 Morgan Watson (front runners) leave VC4 at 2:38pm EST. Estimated finish between 3:15 & 3:30 EST

#2014NAJYRC - #75 Cassandra Roberts & #73 Morgan Watson are in to Vet Check 4 in from 4th loop

#2014NAJYRC - Third loop partial results:
1-75 Cassandra Roberts SE
2- 73 Morgan Watson SE (represent /passed)
3-54 Christina Kimery CT
4-71 Michael Bishop SE
5-72 Mallory Capps SE
6-80 Katya Levermann (Canada)
7-74 Josie Whelan SE
8-63 Maria Muzzio NE
9-53 Jessica Dicamillo CT
10 -61 Katie Baldino NE

#2014NAJYRC - #61 Katie Baldino's horse Questfir was pulled for lameness.

1:15 PM Eastern: #2014NAJYRC - First three horses back out on trail 1:05pm. This loop is 22.9km, so about 2:15 pm EST for front runners to finish.

#2014NAJYRC - Team status after 2nd loop:
1 Southeast 9:10:30
2 Central 9:44:59
3 Northeast 10:26:36

#2014NAJYRC - #'s 80 Katya Levermann, 63 Maria Muzzio, 72 Mallory Capps, 53 Jessica DiCamillo, and 74 Josie Whelan are all in to Vet Check 3.

#2014NAJYRC - #75 Cassandra Roberts & #73 Morgan Watson lead by 6 minutes at this time.

#2014NAJYRC - #54 Christina Kimery just into VC 3

#2014NAJYRC - Vet Check 3 - #75 Cassandra Roberts & #73 Morgan Watson first in

#2014NAJYRC - Second loop results:
1-75 Cassandra Roberts
2- 73 Morgan Watson
3-54 Christina Kimery
4-72 Mallory Capps (represent but passed)
5-80 Katya Levermann
6-63 Maria Muzzio
7-71 Michael Bishop
8-53 Jessica DiCamillo
9-74 Josie Whelan
10-52 Emylinn DiBassie
11-61Katie Baldino (represent but passed)
12- 64 Taylor Stine
13-62 Hunter Green
14- 51 Mary Katherine Clark

#2014NAJYRC - in to Vet Check 2 - #75 Cassandra Roberts, then #73 Morgan Watson and #54 Christina Kimery

#2014NAJYRC - Last horse, Rider #62 Hunter Green just left vet check one.

#2014NAJYRC - Here is the status at the end of Loop 1 -
1-75 Cassandra Roberts
2- 73 Morgan Watson
3-54 Christina Kimery
4-74 Josie Whalen (represent)
5-61 Katie Baldino
6-51 Mary Katheryn Clark
7-63 Maria Muzio
8-53 Jessica dicamillo
9-64 Taylor Stine (represent)
10-72 Mallory Capps
11-80 Katya Levermann
12-71 Michael Bishop
13-52 Emylinn DiBassie
14-62 Hunter Green

The Start

The North American Junior and Young Rider Championships (NAJYRC) is the premier equestrian competition in North America for junior and young riders, age 14-21. Young equestrians vie for team and individual FEI medals in several disciplines. The competition is run under rules of the FEI (Federation Equestre Internationale), the international governing body for equestrian sport, and is the only FEI championship held annually on this continent.

The 2014 Endurance Championship will be held on July 18, 2014.

Definite Entry List

USA Central Combined
Chef d' Equipe: Jeremy Olson

Mary Kathryn Clark - Chasing The Wind
Emilynn DiBassie - MK Spyder
Christina Kimery - Noslo’s Selket Da
Jessica DiCamillo - SHA Strike Two

USA Southeast Combined
Chef d' Equipe: Lynn Kenelly
Mallory Capps - SA Belshazzar
Michael Bishop - Thundering Overtime
Morgan Watson - My Lords Elisha
Josie Whelan - FFC First Csea Lord
Cassandra Roberts - Golden Lightning

USA Northeast Combined
Chef d' Equipe: Natalie Muzzio
Katie Baldino - Questafir
Hunter Green - Spotless Summer Magic
Maria Muzzio - Laconic
Taylor Stine - Wonder Witch

Canada West
Katya Levermann - TEF Sunflash