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City of Rocks - Idaho Parks & Rec

City of Rocks - NPS

City of Rocks National Reserve
Images by Merri Melde
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Circle Creek High Trail Video by Merri
Basecamp is a large field adjacent to the City of Rocks National Preserve, elevation 5500 ft. The trail footing in this area is very good, with just a few rocky sections - it is NOT a rocky ride!

There will be some climbing everyday into the aspen forests. High point on Day 1 is 7500', on Day 2 6500' for the 25 milers, 7000' for the 50 milers. Day 3 will have the most climbs, with 25 milers going to 7500 ' and the 55 milers reaching 8500' for a spectacular view.

You'll ride scenic single track trails through the park, and 2-track roads and cow trails across the high sagebrush desert BLM land. USFS trails will be a combination of dirt road and 2-track, some single track trail through the aspen groves and sub-alpine fir.

City of Rocks is know for it's botanical diversity - you'll see cactus, pinion pine, sagebrush, aspen and sub-alpine fire - all on one day's ride!

Clearing trail
Riding trails

2012 videos!

Marking Trail! by Merri

Day 1 Video by Merri

Day 2 Video by Merri

Day 3 Video by Merri

Day 4 Video by Merri

2012 Photos

Emigrant Trail by Merri

Emigrant Trail by Steph

Tooling around the Area by Merri

Tooling around the Area by Steph

The Most Spectacular High Trail by Merri

Emigrant Trail Video by Merri

Circle Creek High Trail Video by Merri

The Other Fun Stuff! Video by Merri

Marking Trail! by Merri

More Marking Trail! by Merri

Day 1 by Merri

Day 2 by Merri

Day 3 by Merri

Day 4 by Merri

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