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Endurance.Net Home 2013 AERC National Championships

City of Rocks - NPS

City of Rocks National Reserve
Images by Merri Melde

Official Results

Championship Rides Recap by Merri Melde here

2013 Vettec AERC National Championships

50 Mile Champions: Christoph Schork and Stars Aflame

BEST CONDITION: Tom Johnson and AM Lady Liberty Wins

HIGH VET SCORE: Sue Hedgecock and LZP Julioslastchance

100 Mile Champions: Kevin Myers and Farraba

BEST CONDITION AND HIGH VET SCORE: Sue Summers and Mags Motivator

Photos by Merri Melde

Saturday before

Monday before

Tuesday-Wednesday before

50 Miles


100 Miles I

100 Miles II

100 Miles III

100 Miles IV

Best Condition

Video by Jessica Anderson

Flash Flood in Oreana!
And I missed it! We were going to leave for City of Rocks on Friday, but Friday the 13th sounded too ominous so most of us left today, Thursday the 12th (Judy and 2 horses, me and 3 horses, and Merri and Connie). I guess it's a good thing we did! But I'm really bummed, I just love a good storm and a good flood! We've had 2 '100 year floods' since moving to Oreana, such awesome power, and the noise is incredible. We've rebuilt the bridge twice.

Regina drove over to Oreana this morning, planning on coming back and loading up horses this evening and taking them to her place until she could come on Saturday. Well the bridge to our house partially washed out in the flood and her truck and trailer may be stuck there now! Rick is going to take the tractor over in the morning and see if he can get her out.

Meanwhile we're setting up camp in Almo at City of Rocks - it's green! they've had lots of rain and the dusty field is now covered with grass, the horses are loving it. Lots of big storm clouds blowing by, and we drove through a few small storms (Merri left Boise about the time the big one hit and had to pull off the highway. Something like 3 inches in one hour!). But it's all good here at City of Rocks, nice and cool and green!

We've got around 90 entries in the National Championship now - evenly split between the 50 and the 100. yay! There's always that nagging fear that you put on an event and nobody comes... We'll get a list up in a few days of the entries.

It's been so warm here that the aspen haven't turned much, just a hint of gold - it might still look like summer up there for the ride.

Here we go...


2013 Vettec AERCNC 50 Mile Preview

2013 Vettec AERCNC 100 Mile Preview