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2011 Owyhee Hallowed Weenies

2010 Owyhee Hallowed Weenies

2010 Owyhee Hallowed Weenies
Images by Merri

Day 1: 3 riders on the 75, 16 riders or so on the 50, and 11 riders on the 30.

Karen and Rusty won the 75 and Rusty earned BC. Karen Steenhof now has 17,000 endurance miles, quite an achievement. CONGRATULATIONS, KAREN AND RUSTY!!!

Pam Davenport won BC and high vet score on the 30 on Saturday. She was dressed as a Bronco Football player.

Day 2: 7 riders on the 50 and 13 riders on the 25.

Today there were some spectacular costumes--the Church clan outdid itself. There was a clown, a ghost, and even Pippi Longstocking!

Alex Church won Best Costume!

Merri Melde Photos

Day 1

Day 2 - Halloween

Steve Bradley Photos

Fabulous Costumes

Day 1 by Merri Melde

Sarah's First Endurance Rides!

2012 Owyhee Hallowed Weenies: Small but Mighty - by Merri Melde

Monday October 29 2012

It looked like a sad little Ridecamp, with but 3 trailers huddled together in back, and a small group parked out front, but it was really a family gathering of horse nuts come for the last Owyhee endurance ride shindig of the year, with old timers and newcomers and a bunch of juniors, three of whom are in running for year-end National Junior awards.

With great thoughtful foresight, I arranged for a rainstorm down low and a snowstorm in the Owyhee mountains a few days before the ride, eliminating the heavy summer dust on the trails, and providing a scenic snowy backdrop for ambience.

Ride weather was perfect: cold before the golden sunrise, and cool during the day, ideal for those horses who already had a good start on their winter coats. Trails wound through the Birds of Prey Badlands, alongside the Snake River (where Amanda and I discovered 'new' ruins from an old homestead, which, despite riding by here numerous times, we'd never seen before)...

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