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2012 Moab


Incredible Canyon Scenery

NEW TRAILS EVERYDAY!!! This is Big Canyon Country and we take you there. One big scenic loop everyday. No backtracking or repeat trails. Begin each day's ride surrounded with incredible rock formations. Ride into canyons with dramatic canyon walls towering overhead. Gradually climb out of the canyons and trot along the canyon ridge with incredible views of the wind sculpted crevasses below. Lots of variety of scenery and trails. Open canyon country.

This was John Wayne Country. Many of his films (and lots more) were made right here in the Moab Canyons. There will be a little film history at camp.

Trail description

Ride camp is 4,500 feet in elevation. Remote single track (horses & hiking trail) and two track (jeep trail) on sandstone, dirt, sand. The footing is good, lots of plain old dirt trail, 'not deep' sand, and a few short sections of rocks on the trail.

For those that haven't ridden on sandstone, the traction is good. Horses can easily trot across sandstone since they maintain their 'grip' on the sandpaper-like surface. Steel shoes grip great.

This is canyon country with its wide ranging mesas and cliff walls spanning out in all directions. The vistas are wide with low desert vegetation (in case you have a horse that imagines bears behind trees). The trails wind in and out of the redrock canyons. Some trails are in wide open canyon bottoms while others are through narrow gorges in remote canyons.

There will be ample water stops along the way. Some of them will have hay set out for a quick nutritious snack.