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2010 Resolution Ride
Images by Merri Melde

2010 Resolution Ride Stories by Merri Melde:
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Resolution Ride Day 2 - A Cool Ride || Resolution Ride Day 3 - A Golden Day

2011 Resolution Ride 25/50/100

100; 14 start 10 finish

1. Tennessee Mahoney - DWA Pearl
1. Clydea Hastie - CR Zebra Splash
1. Dennis Summers - Bogard **Best Condition**
4. Kevin Myers
4. Kevin Waters
6. Rusty Toth
7. Pete H on a mule
8. Kerry Redente
9. Julia Elias
10. Effee Connor

Winning ride time 12:35

50 miles: 28 start 19 finish

1st Tammy Haggin - winning time 5:37
**Best Condition** - Janis Taylor

25 miles: 20 start 17 finish
ride time 3:11

Ride Day Updates on the 100 by Rusty Toth:

7:54 PM:
Clydea Hastie and Tennessee Mahoney should be finishing any time running up front. Next is Kevin Myers and Kevin Waters and Dennis Summers. Rusty Toth is about 45 minutes behind them. Battled girth galls, ran the eight mile loop on foot, borrowed Dennis Bob Marshal; much better.

10 AM:
At 35 miles, beautiful day. Clydea Hastie and Tennessee Mahoney first in, moments in front of Kevin Myers, Kevin Waters, and Rusty Toth. Dennis Summers and Barb Debi pulsed down just after us.

Sunny and 75* on ride day

60 plus riders total.

13 in the 100

Photos by Rusty Toth