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2010 FITS Friday
Images by Angie McGhee

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2010 Fun In The Sun

Meg Sleeper and SSyrocco Revelie first in 100, Kathy Brunjes second on Theatric

Meg Sleeper Syrocco Revelie edges out Kathy Brunjes on Theatric for the 100 mile win.

Angie McGhee's Up-to-date reports

10 PM Update

1. Meg Sleeper 5:34:55
2. Kathy Brunjes 5:34:56
3. Cici Butler Stasink 5:56:08
4. Valerie Kanavy 6:02:30
5. Mustafa Tehrani 6:02:32
For some reason there was nobody listed in 6th...I believe because a rider they had numbered was pulled. I'm not numbering the rest though since this makes them one off. If your rider is missing... maybe they were 6th?
Deborah Reich 6:07:10
Nicki Meuten 6:25:07
Michele Roush 6:30:49
Alisija Zabavska-Granger 6:48:50
Steve Rojek 7:11:41
Hernan Barbosa 7:11:41
Cecilia Strahle Engquist 8:03:35
Megan Savory Davis 8:03:37
Charlotte Bryd 8:05:45
Cheryl Vanduessen 8:42:10
Dominique Freeman 8:42:12
Kordula Voigts 8:49:35
Anna Wucher 8:49:36
Kyoko Fukumori 9:10:50

Still on trail: Juliette Fusiarska-Cannon
Julianne Philip

100 mile pulls:
Wendy Mancini
Moises Birnbaum
Mary Farris
Kim Orr
Christine Pedersen
Ruth Sturley
Jan Worthington
Susanne Hedgecock
Cia Reis
Eone Willemse
Olivia Matthael
Darolyn Butler
Samantha Sandlwer
Antonio Ferro
Jennifer Poling

75 mile results almost final (Saturday)

Pulls: Here's the sad part, all three pulled at the finish. :-(((
Emily Matthews (after finishing 1st :-(
Daryl Downs (yes, I know I said he was second. Sorry, pulled at finish line)
Beverly Brock (pulled at finish)

1st. Melody Blittersdorf (with 12 fresh stitches in hand!)
2nd Norma House
3rd Robert Gielen
4th Lynn Hartmann
5th Foster Olson
6th Berit Stonebrink
7th Josie McGhee
8th Mauricio Gaten
9th Angie Mikkelson

Two riders are still on trail. Apparently they missed a turn and did a section twice. They've been out there a long time but technically still have time to finish. Management is working on getting them in. They are from California I believe, riding Grace & Jan's horses.
Kassandra Dimagio
Deanna Guinasso

FITS 55 & 25 results

Just kidding. They're pretty impossible to get your hands on I've found. I did see Tom Hagis getting a BC award at a rather impromptu awards presentation. I got there as they were closing down.

What i know:
Pulled at finish line:
Carol Dennie
Alisa Waxman

1st: Tom Hagis. I've requested that they send me a copy of their results so I can post them. It's not that I didn't want to. I apologize to all of those in the 25 and 55 but I'm no Nancy Gooch and how she knows who is finishing and who's going on, keeps up with different holds and a million tiny slips of paper for FEI I do not know. Add to that the re-checks and card keeping and all you can do is wait for a computer print out.

6:45 PM Update

Meg Sleeper on SSyrocco Revelie edged out Kathy Brunjes on Theatric by a neck to win the Fun in the Sun 100 miler. After doing the next to last 12.5 miles in 53 minutes (including recovery time) the two went out together and did the last 12 miles in an hour flat (by my watch). They cantered in side by side at the finish. Both vetted through well.

In third place Cici Butler
Fourth: Mustafa

LOTS OF PULLS. I'm waiting until Nancy has finished her supper before I dare ask for any more info. Will upload video of the finish as soon as I run out to see Josie in. She's due any minute. Almost dark, temps dropping fast.

Connie Caudill on Havva Nahh was the only rider to finish all three days (50's) on the same horse! Congrats to Connie.

The winner of the 75, Emily Mathews was pulled at the completion exam. Winner was Melody Blittersdorf.
2nd Daryl Downs
3rd Norma House
4. Bob Geilen
I know I saw Foster Oleson complete. Haven't heard of any of the others pulled but have seen them coming in.


Saturday March 6 2010

4:30 PM update

This is getting exciting! I'll have to give up reporting on the top 10 now that they're spread out and I'm going with the leaders. I'll catch you up on the others later,

At the 4th gate (75 miles)

Meg Sleeper 3:15
Kathy Brunjes 3:16
Mustafa 3:22
Valarie Kanavy 3:22
Dorota Raciborska Toro (had to be re-checked don't know how that came out. Timer is absolutely inundated with 25's, 50's 75's some doing BC, lots of tiny slips. I don't dare even poke her with a long stick.

Kim Orr, riding AHA's horse of the year Spectacular Gold was with Kathy but vetted out lameness.

Valarie was in the pulse box when the front runner 25's left like bats out of hell at a gallop down the driveway next to the crewing area, turned and ran along the road out back. Val's horse's pulse spiked and she lost a lot of time. I'm just guessing she had to be extra careful before representing because she couldn't risk a 2 strikes you're out pulse over. (the stupidest of all the stupid rules in my humble opinion)

Gate 5

The front runners have come in..Meg Sleeper on Syrocco Revelie and Kathy Brunjes on Theatric did the next 12 miles in 53 minutes. (that's including the time it took them to pulse down). They have a 30 minute hold, leave out at 4:38 and have 12.5 miles to go. As of 4:30 or so no other 100's had arrived to pulse in. I'm going to get on out to the finish to film them.

In the 75, Winston made it through his re-check and Josie is out there working on a completion. They're taking it easy. There were more re-checks today than I have ever seen in my life. One timer said they may as well have called it an exit exam.

In the 50, the horse I previously listed as the "winner" was DQ'd for being judged not fit to continue. The rider was fairly new to the sport. Jim Baldwin took a very long time working on the education end discussing horse health and our commitment to it. I will get a corrected list of the 50's as soon as possible.


3:45 PM Update

3rd gate 75's 57 miles

Emily Mathews 2:13
Bob Geilan 2:15
Daryl Downs 3:00
Melody Blittersdorf 3:00
Norma House 3:02
Lynn Hartman 3:22
Berit Stonebrink 3:22
Foster Oleson 3:26
Beverly Brock (not sure about the time)
Josie McGhee (Winston's card was held, must represent)

Top 4 of the 50 are in. Have not received completions yet. Finishing order:

1st Carol Dennie 2:44 I think that's a ride time of 5:44
Alisa Waxman 2:46
Tom Hagis 2:46
Mary Yenter 2:54

100's third check: 57 miles.

Two more pulls: Moises Birnbaum
Cia Reis

1st: Meg Sleeper 12:48
Valarie Kanavy 12:56
Kim Orr 12:58
Mustafa Tehrani 12:58
Doroto Raciborska Toro 12:59
Kathy Brunjes 12:59
Suzanne Hedgecock 1:12
Nicki Meuten 1:20
Cici Butler Stasiuk 1:20
Deborah Reich 1:25
Alisija Zabavska-granger 1:25
Antonio Ferro 1:29
Michelle Roush 1:30
Wendy Mancini 1:34
Steve Rojek 1:57
Hernan Barbosa 1:57
Cecelia Engquist 2:13
Megan Savory Davis 2:14
Dominique Freemen 2:21
Cheryl Vandeusen 2:22

1:10 PM Update

Valarie Kanavy was left off my list on the 100's out times. She left the 2nd check in 5th place at 10:27. She just left the 57 mile check in 2nd a little after 1:00. Horses are looking good. All the front runners left at a hand gallop and the horses had ears up and looked fresh. I took video. Will get it up as soon as possible.


12:47 PM Update

at 36 miles after 2 50 min. holds:

Emily Mathews 11:30
Robert Gielen 11:34
Melody Blittersdorf 11:57 (Melody got 12 stitches in her hand last night!)
Daryl Downs 11:58
Lynn Hartmen and Norma House 12:00
Josie McGhee & Beverly Brock: 12:10
Foster Oleson right after them but not sure on exact time.

I left the away check and headed back to camp at that point. Off to get the 100's at the 57 mile check.

It's still very cool with a breeze. I just lost a $100 "Easy Up" when a rogue gust flipped it over my trailer and bent the frame. (It was anchored to the trailer. :-(


12:30 PM Update

Just back from the away vet check. Tried like crazy but couldn't get an electrical outlet out there.

First casualty of the day was Jan Worthington whose horse bucke her off in the 100 pretty early on. Josie said when they came by her she was soaked from crossing all the deep water, shivering and would really like to have her saddle back but not necessarily the horse. When I left at 12:05 he still hadn't been seen.

If you want to figure speeds, the 100's have been 36 miles at this point and started at 6:00 then had a 50 min. hold. The 75s started at 6:30 and had been 21 miles.

Other pulls:
Mar Farris
Willemse Eone
Darolyn Butler
Samantha Sandler
Jennifer Poling
Christine Pederson (I think she was with the Danish team and really needed this one to get to the WEC. :-(

In the 50: Darlene Krell

at the 36 mile mark these wer the out times of the 100's:

Meg Sleeper
Dorota Raciborska Toro
Mustafa Tehrani all at 10:26
Kim Orr

Kathy Brunjes 10:34
Cia Reis 10:37
Suzanne Hedgecock 10:39
Wendy mancini 10:42
Nikki Meuten 10:44
Cici Butler-Stasink 10:49
Deborah Reich
Antonio Ferro all 10:49
Moises Birnbaum 10:50
Steve Rojek 10:51
Hernan Barbosa 10:51
Michele Roush 10:52
Domiique Freeman 10:58 (riding Jayel Super...that's one I know)
Megan Savory-Davis 11:09
Cheryl Vanduessen 11:09
Charlotte Bryd 11:23
Juliette Fusiarska-Cannon 11:23

Something wrong,I've got Cheryl Vanduessen again at 11:24?
Julianne Philip 11:34
Evette Vinton 11:44
Ruth Sturley 11:44
Kyoko Fukumori 11:45
Anna Wuchero 11:51
Olivia Matthaei
Kordula Voigts all 11:51

in the 75:
Turns out only 14 started.

Emily Mathews 9:18
Robert Gielen 9:21
Norma House 9:27
Daryl Downs
Josie McGhee
Melody Blittersdorf all 9:27

Lynn Hartman 9:29
Beverly Brock 9:33
Berit Stonebrink 9:34
Foster Olsen 9:35
Mauricio Gatan 9:35
Angie Mikkelson 9:37
Deanna Guinasso 10:00
Kassandra Dimaggio 10:00

The start of the 100. Pretty dark but if you like 100's it'll give you chills and make you wish you were there. :-)

The start of the 75 Saturday. It's cold, in the 30's. 15 starters.

7 AM Update

38 100 milers started at in the dark at 6 AM with a heavy frost. No problems, everybody still on their horse. No rumors of problems. There's a fine layer of ice on all the water buckets that were set out over night and heavy frost on the windshield. So much for Central FLA weather! Some are worried it will warm up considerably later but I'm pretty sure everyone has a good stash of cold water for cooling if it does.

15 75 milers started at 6:30 with a beautiful Florida sunrise on the horizon. Very calm start. When they said "The trail is open" Nobody headed that way and Daryl Downs, sitting relaxed on his horse said, "Who wants it?"

Looks like a perfect day for an endurance ride. Videos of the start will be up soon.


Friday, March 5

Darolyn Butler wins 50 on Nevada

Kyle Gibbon and Hernan Barbosa win 75 miler

Notes for Saturday mornings rides:

The 100 has 43 entries at last count. Riders seem to be juggling mounts and switching distances right up to the last minute but they felt there were at *least* 43.

The trail will consist of 6 phases. Distances are 21, 15, 21, 18, 12, & 12.5 They will leave camp, go out 21 miles to an away check. Then they'll do a 15 mile loop back into that vet check, then 21 miles back to the main camp. All holds are 50 min. for a total of 3:50 total.

Pretty flat here so hopefully I'll have internet connection out there, so far Verizon has worked great. The rest of the phases each come back to camp. They will be starting at 6:00 AM Which Val pointed out will be pretty dark, but commented that by the time they go the 2.5 miles down the shoulder at 6:11 "You can kinda sorta see". I was busy trying to do the mental math to figure what the mph are for doing 2.5 miles in 11 min!

The 75's start at 6:30 running the first 3 phases the same as the 100's. Their last count on entries was 18. Their phases are: 21, 15, 21, 18. All holds are 50 min. with a total of 2:30 in holds.

55's start at 7:30 AM They will do the same three the 100's & 75's do for phases of 21, 15, 21. 2 holds of 50 min. for a total of 1:40

25's will start at noon since the other three distances go 57 miles before they come back to camp and the vets need to be back here for the 25's.

The office here is an EXTREMELY busy place. I can't begin to imagine sorting through all the different distances & days let along adding on the FEI hoops to jump through, so it's just not possible for me to drop by and ask for a list of entries. Thank goodness for Susan Kasemayer, Nancy Gooch and Nina Barnett who don't seem to mind me peeking over their shoulders and know people by their faces as well as their numbers. Spelling will probably be completely phoenetic, and if the name is spoken with an accent I'll probably add that to my spelling. I find out horses names when I can but none of the sheets *during* the ride have had them.

The trail boss has offered to take me out on trail on a 4 wheeler tomorrow so maybe I'll get a bit of video or photos out there. I've been hopping rides on the John Deere Mule or the 4 wheeler whenever possible rather than hobble around carrying two cameras & a clipboard on crutches, but have to admit, riding on Val's luggage rack with my crutches sticking out to the side ready to catch a tree or gate scared me a little. What made me think Valarie Kanavy would ever drive slow??? Check the photo of us. Does she look like she's planning to dump me or is that my imagination?

Josie is riding Stagg Newman's horse, "Winston" in the 75 tomorrow so I have to do the mom thing and be at the check early in case the horse comes in without her or something. Otherwise I might be tempted to sleep late on you guys and wait for it to warm up a little. It's COLD (30's) out there!

I'll download the rest of my photos & video tonight and then tomorrow we'll do it all again. :)

Having all the fun a one legged person can have,
Angie McGhee

Monday, March 1

Woo hoo, check out the weather for this weekend's FITS ride in Williston, FL. Highs in low 60's, lows in 30's. Lots of sun. Can't wait.

I'll be going down to do a webcast for Endurance.net. Let me know if there's anything special you guys want me to spy on for you. Josie's been saddle hunting so I'll probably be paying a lot of attention to who is riding what. This is just one of those rides where a whole lot of good horses & horsemen show up early in the year...kind of like the Daytona 500...the first real gathering of the new season. Time to see whose star is on the rise. Will have a chance to scout out some our our Team-USA nominees. What fun!

Angie McGhee

Greetings everyone and welcome to the 6th annual Fun in the Sun (FITS) Endurance Rides. It is with pleasure that Larry and I extend a warm welcome to AERC, FEI, SEDRA, SERA, AHA riders and horses.

FITS was born of an idea to create a Festival of Endurance Events. In other words, a competition where riders and horses could participate on a multitude of days having a choice of multiple distances. Where vendors and sponsors could come and showcase their products, and a place where educational lectures and demonstrations could also be available. While our vision is a festival our goal is to create a positive experience you will want to repeat. So with that in mind ---

We have a variety of trails for you to ride, great vendors for you to shop at, and educational lectures and demonstrations. You'll find our base camp has plenty of camping space. And most importantly, a staff, both hired and volunteers, all working together, committed to making FITS an exciting and successful experience for all.

So come enjoy the Florida sun and share in our fun. Best of luck to everyone.

Valerie Kanavy

Schedule of Events

Wednesday, March 3 - 1-4 PM
Vetting-In for 50/75 Rides on Thursday

Thursday, March 4 - 75 Mile Ride Sponsored by Leather Therapy - TENTATIVE Start time 6:30 AM
50 Mile Ride Sponsored by Leather Therapy - TENTATIVE Start time 6:30 AM
Vetting-In for 25/50/75 Mile Rides on Friday, March 5 - 3-5 PM

Friday, March 5 75 Mile Ride Sponsored by Distance Depot - TENTATIVE Start time 6:30 AM
50 Mile Ride Sponsored by Distance Depot - TENTATIVE Start time 7 AM
25 Mile Ride Sponsored by Equipedic - TENTATIVE Start time 8 AM
Vetting-In for 25/55/75/100 Mile Rides on Saturday, March 6 - 3-5 PM
Awards for March 6 and 7 - 7 PM

Saturday, March 6
100 Mile Ride Championship Sponsored by Tropical Rider - TENTATIVE Start time 6 AM
75 Mile Ride Sponsored by TRM - Tentative Start Time 6:30 am
55 Mile Ride Sponsored by TRM - Tentative Start Time 7:00 am
25 Mile Ride Sponsored by Equipedic - Tentative Start Time 8:00 am

Sunday, March 7
Awards for 100 - 9:30 am