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2008 COYR
Images by Merri

2008 North American Young Rider Endurance Ride

DiCamillo and Massman race to the finish. photo Merri Melde

Best Condition Award: Crestwind Premiere

Young Rider Wrap Up - Friday August 1 2008

"Very impressed," were the words echoed by the veterinarians, Vonita Bowers, Dinah Rojek, and John Crandell, of the girls' performances in the ride. "It's the best ride I've seen - adults included - where everybody rode according to their own horse's ability," John commented.

Best Condition Judging was at 8 AM, and instead of doing it anonymously, the girls and horses gathered together and, behind their YOUNG RIDERS ENDURANCE banner, looking smart and very team-like, paraded in a line across the grounds, among the dressage and jumping horses and riders getting ready to go in the rings. A nice touch.

Six horses showed for BC; everybody got a cheer when they were finished.

After the horses were put back in their stables, everyone gathered in one of the buildings for a wrap-up APEX clinic and the awards.

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2008 North American Young Rider Endurance Ride - Thursday July 31 2008


It was very dark and quiet at 4:45 AM at the barns full of dressage, jumping, cross-country and reining horses at the Colorado Horse Park; nothing but the sound of hoofbeats as 10 Junior and Young Endurance Riders warmed up their endurance horses around their barn. At 5 AM they headed across the grounds, led by flashlight by Dr Carter Hounsel, to the starting line. Someone asked last night if we shouldn't share the excitement of the sport and honk a car horn to wake everybody up - an endurance tradition at ridecamps - but we decided to let the other disciplines sleep.

It was in the mid-50's and quite breezy, and a few girls were shivering in their short sleeves, though the day would quickly warm as soon as the sun came up. Better to be a bit cold now, than have to stop and tie a jacket onto your saddle out on trail.

There would be 5 loops, of 12, 19, 12, 19, and 12 miles. In addition to the heat, another big challenge of the ride would be the altitude: Parker, Colorado is at 5800 feet.

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Opening Ceremonies - Wednesday July 30 2008

Ten Juniors and Young Riders - all girls - from around the US descended upon the Colorado Horse Park in Parker, Colorado July 29 - August 1, 2008, for the FEI CEI*** 75-mile North American Junior/Young Riders Endurance Ride. Held for the first time in conjunction with the 2008 North American Junior/Young Riders Championships, it was to be a demonstration event alongside the other disciplines of Dressage, Eventing, Jumping, and Reining.

With views of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, at an elevation of around 5900 feet, the 75 miles of trails would carry riders mostly over Douglas County Open Space parks, through meadows, up on a mesa, and along a creek. It would be hot: today tied the record for consecutive days over 95* (18 days), and there was no relief in sight. It did cause some concern for parents and crews, since they would not be allowed to crew for their girls anywhere along the trail, except at the vet checks.

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Ride results

1. DiCamillo & Crestwind Premiere
2. Massman & CHF Addios

3. J. Stevens & Phil

4. H. Stevens & FSA Count LaQuen

5. Kimbler & Junior CAHR

6. Fleege & RCF Blade Runner

7. Russell & DJB Double Trouble

8. Chase-Dunn & Dixie Love

Other Disciplins!

BC and Awards

The Finish

The Chase

Heat of the Day


Vetting In

Ride Morning

July 30, 2008

Young riders are gathering this week in Parker, Colorado, for the FEI North American Junior and Young Rider Championships. Several FEI equestrian disciplines will be represented in the Championship: Dressage, Eventing, Jumping and Reining.

There will also be a Junior & Young Rider CEI*** Endurance competition, but due to the strict FEI qualification requirements for a North American Championship competition, USEF opted to hold an open competition rather than an official Championship for Junior and Young Rider (14-21 yrs) divisions so that more young riders could participate. While the Endurance event is not officially part of the NA Championship, riders from the various disciplines will reap the benefit of sharing the venue and the experience of a high level competition.