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2008 National Championship of Portugal

Pedro Godinho on
Olimpico da Amieira
Ana Margarida Costa on
Eros n Trinskell
Joao Raposo on
Joao Picau Abreu on

Images of the Day by Merri Melde

Vetting In

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4

Phase 5

The Finish

Saturday April 20 2008 - 2008 Portuguese Championships CEI*** 160km

It rained throughout the night, was raining when we left the hotel at 4:15 AM, and was raining when we arrived at the stables in Golegă half an hour later. Pedro, the vet for Antonio and Vasco, went to work on Trovador de Oliveirinha with a calming technique he learned from Michael Baxter, the physiotherapist in Germany, working mostly around his head and neck, using pressure and flexion. Vasco said last time that Pedro did this, their two horses were quiet at the start of their ride. Indeed, after Pedro had finished with Trovador, the horse stood there with his head and eyes and lower lip drooping.

Riders and crew began gathering around their horses, arranging rain gear and headlamps on helmets, and at 5:45 AM the saddling began. The rain had let up for the moment, but even in the dark you could feel the heavy clouds hanging over us. The horses warmed up around the arena - you could tell where Trovador was by his bellowing - he was awake now!

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