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2009 Kuznia Nowowiejska

Photos by Mateusz Jaworski

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CEI*** 160km
1. Kamilia Tobiasz - Mu-Zahrat - 13.83 km/h
2. Marcin Tobiasz - Ester - 13.80 km/hr
3. Enkio Odor - Gazal Bataor - 13.18 km/hr
Comlete Results

CEI* 80 km
1. Zuzana Sitarova - Sarra 3 - 17.37 km/h
2. Dorota Krzywicka - Ferro - 17.41 km/h
3. Olga Ciesielska - Ha Cytech - 16.61 km/h
Comlete Results

CEI* YR & J 80 km
1. Miroslav Jadlovsky - Kahira - 14.85 km/h

Comlete Results

CEI** 120 km
1. Rashid Saeed Al Kamda - M'an Naque - 20.05 km/h
2. Kamila Kart - Cert - 20.43 km/h
3. Agata Karaskiewicz - 17.31 km/h
Comlete Results

CEI** YR & J 120 km
1. Yara de Boer - Riki's Macho Man - 19.87 km/h
2. Petra Trojakova - Shagya Want - 19.70 km/h
3. Milena Kalata - Nokturn - 17.20 km/h
Comlete Results

The Kuźnia endurance contest – good organization and attendance. Kamilia Tobiasz became Polish Champion

Author: Maciej Kacprzyk | 2009-07-28

Mistrzyni Polski Kamilia Tobiasz, fot. Mateusz Jaworski
During the last weekend (24th - 26th of July) in Kuźnia Nowowiejska Equestrian Center (Poland) the International Endurance Contest, as well as the Polish Contest and the Polish Championship, was held. During three days, nine contests attracted as many (as for an endurance competition) as sixty five pairs from eight countries that participated: Czech Republic, Finland, Holland, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, United Arab Emirates and Poland, of course.

Yara de Boer z Holandii na Riki's Macho Man, fot. Mateusz Jaworski
On Friday the CEI/CEIJY2* 120 km contests as well as a domestic L-class 30 km contest were held. In all 9 pairs – 6 seniors (a CEI2* contest) and 3 juniors and junior riders (a CEIJY2* contest) – started in the 120 km contest. In the CEIJ2* contest the Young Riders and Juniors Polish Championship was about to hold. Unfortunately it didn’t come off because only one Polish pair took part in the contest and therefore the condition of the minimum of 4 pairs taking part necessary to the Polish Championship to occur, wasn’t fulfilled.

full article at polskiearaby.com