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Endurance.Net Home 2010 New Zealand South Island Championships

Annandale Feeds Ltd 2010 South Island Endurance & CTR Championships

Endurance NZ Selectors; Pauline King
& Ray Tylee and Madonna Harris -
Endurance NZ High Performance Leader

CEI2* 120km Finish: Maxine Leary &
Glendaar Izzak (L) and
Kylie Avery & Silands Jasark (R)

Alison Higgins & Twynham El Omar
- 1st & BC CEI3* 160km

Chestnut Valley, Marlborough. 9 & 10th January 2010 Story and Photos by Sandie MacLean

The Marlborough Endurance & Trail Riders Club hosted an eventful weekend which was to match the weather perhaps best described as four seasons in one day spiked with gale force winds, sunburn then a downpour to quell the drought like conditions suffered by the region. Set amongst the hills in the Wairau Valley the track was mainly forest and farm tracks with varying climbs comprising a ride that proved challenging. The extreme fire risk also involved a total smoking ban on track and the base.

The first ride for the weekend started at 1am on Saturday was the CEI3*160km. The notably small field of seven completed the first 3 loops together with Taieri Hore vetting out Lame on the 40km night-time Loop 1 with Kizzi. The five remaining stayed in contention with Vanessa Tiffen on Gipzy dropping back from the bulk of the field at the end of Loop 3 to later in the day safely finish in fifth. Loop2 was a 32km loop with 3 and 4 the same 24km loop. After Loop 5 measuring 20km, Diam’id was retired by the rider, Kevin James leaving only four travelling out on Loop 6 together. Loop 6 was a repeat of the 20km loop completed on Loop 5. The spectators waited with baited breath for the impending gallop finish. Not to be disappointed Alison Higgins on Twynham El Omar and Debby Worsfold on Northwinds Bradley McGregor came around the corner and had a nail biting finish. By a long nose Twynham El Omar took the honours over the line achieving World Endurance Games time qualification in a total ride time of 11:22:26.

There was a comparatively quieter finish in the CEI*100km event as Kylie Avery riding Silands Mia Bella won by a country mile in 6:00:26. Second placegetter Jessica King riding Wishum arriving back to base 45 minutes later was also eligible for the Best Conditioned judging which was awarded to Silands Mia Bella. Tessa Deuss made a worthy trip from Wellington and placed third with Samson II followed soon after by the Track Marker, Linda Harmon riding MF El Marees in fourth. Loop 1 was 32km which started in the dark approximately an hour before dawn, loop 2 and 3 were the same loop of 24km with a 20km loop to finish with.

The CEIJY*100km had six entries proving the Junior fraternity is well supported. Also a clear winner, Erin Buckland riding Chandalla Chiffon made the time of 6:56:26. Second place honours were fought out between Helen Graham riding Roccolite Fire, Astiana Trouland riding Shardan Jordy and Kirsty Higgins riding Elhaz Ride The Wind, with Helen clinching second. Australian rider, Angela Head riding CD Fred placed 4th, followed by first time FEI star entrant, Ariana Ranui riding Karim NZL placing 5th. Sadly Astiana vetted out Lame at the final vetting after crossing the line with Helen and Kirsty. Elhaz Ride The Wind won the Best Condition award.

Twelve riders set out in the CEI2*120km event with two retirements and 2 vet outs from Lameness. The winning time of 8:16:32 went to Maxine Leary riding Glendaar Izzak one second ahead of Kylie Avery and Silands Jasark. They had a 30-minute lead on third place, Helen Bray and Sherwood Ayshah who travelled closely with the next 3 placings. The loops were the same as the 100km event with the last 20km phase being repeated to make up the 120km distance. Very slick vetting times for Alison Higgin's Twynham El Jazeera surely contributed to being awarded Best Conditioned which was a lovely surprise as it isn't often a 6th placegetter achieves BC.

Only two entries in the CEIJY2*120km ensured Australian, Ingrid Ambrosiussen riding CD Proud Mary the Best Conditioned and 1st place in a ride time of 9:27:58 after Tessa Deuss on Aspen Hills Santa Ana retired after Loop 1.

A CEN Junior 120km which was included for Juniors under 14 years. Winning this class was Charlotte Wadsworth on Kishon Zivana kindly loaned by her owner, Linda Pullar. Best Conditioned went to second place Jorja James riding Glenvar Kit Kat. This is a beautiful result for two upcoming youngsters in our sport.

The CTR 72km Open event comprising the 40 and 32km loops was won by Heidi Bulfin on Stonelea Sparking Rose with Missy Green on Xavier Cherokee in second place from a class of six. Over the 32km distance for the Intermediates Jenny May on Puketoi Aliyah was first and the winner in the Junior section was Cameron Hunt on Chat By Chance.

Photo Gallery by Sandie MacLean and FotografixNZ

Weather during the Best Conditioned
Judging on Sunday!!

Charlotte Wadsworth &
Linda Pullar's horse, Kishon Zivana
- 1st in the CEN 120km Junior

Erin Buckland &
Chandalla Chiffon - 1st CEIJY1* 100km

Kylie Avery & Silands Mia Bella
- 1st & BC in the CEI1* 100km

Kylie Avery & Silands Mia Bella
during the 1* event.

Alison Higgins & Twynham El Jazeera
- 6th & BC in the CEI2* 120km

Debby Worsfold & Chris King's horse,
Northwinds Bradley McGregor
- 2nd in the CEI3* 160km

Linda Harmon & MF El Marees
- CEI1* 100km placing 4th

Debby Worsfold & Northwinds Bradley McGregor
and (right) winner, Alison Higgins
& Twynham El Omar in the CEI3* 160km

JY riders in the CEIJY1* 100km
Astiana Trouland & Shardan Jordy,
Helen Graham & Roccolite Fire,
Kirsty Higgins & Elhaz Ride The Wind


CEI3* 160 km

1. Alison Higgins, Twynham El Omar, 11:22:26
2. Debby Worsfold, Northwinds Bradley McGregor, 11:22:27
3. Sarah Hamer, Velvet Fire, 12:26:23
4. Enrique Searle, Hills of Mist, 12:26:29
5. Vanessa Tiffen, Gipzy, 13:38:48

CEI* 100 km

1. Kylie Avery, Silands Mia Bella, 6:00:26, - BC
2. Jessica King, Wishum, 6:45:47
3. Tessa Deuss, Samson II, 7:01:59
4. Linda Harmon, MF El Marees, 7:18:28
5. Braden Cameron, SS Shadrak, 7:21:41
6. Kim Swan, Roselea Shady, 7:21:45

CEIJY* 100 km

1. Erin Buckland, Chandalla Chiffon, 6:56:26
2. Helen Graham, Riccolite Fire, 7:36:10
3. Kirsty Higgins, Elhaz Ride The Wind, 7:36:12 - BC
4. Angela Head, CD Fred, 8:24:51
5. Ariana Ranui, Karim NZL, 9:47:56

CEI2* 120 km

1. Maxine Leary, Glendaar Izzak, 8:16:32
2. Kylie Avery, Silands Jasark, 8:16:36
3. Kylie Avery, Silands Jasark, 8:16:36
4. Susan Latta, Reebok, 8:50:25
5. Peter May, Silands Tric Trac, 8:53:30
6. Alison Higgins, Twynham El Jazeera, 8:54:00

CEIJY2* 120 km

1. Ingrid Ambrosiussen, CD Proud Mary, 9:27:58 - BC

CEN Junior 120 km

1. Charlotte Wadsworth, Kishon Zivana, 10:08:13
2. Jorja James, Glenvaar Kit-Kat, 10:08:14 - BC


Youth 32 km

1. Cameron Hunt, Chat By Chance
2. Tessa Wells, Masada Park Maestro

Intermediate 32 km

1. Jenny May, Puketoi Aliyah
2. Fiona Radford, The Duke of Marlborough

Senior 72 km

1. Heidi Bulfin, Stonelea Sparkling Rose
2. Missy Green, Xavier Cheerokee
3. Lorraine Stratford, Jay
4. Oliver Radford, Temptations Fortune
5. Debby Worsfold, Blue Velvet
6. Jenny Worsfold, Aquila Toby