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Facts about Malaysia


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The Malacca Fort
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Ride organizer Hamdan Bin Mohd & Family

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April 9 & 10

Ride Day- 120km
Tourists, River cruise

Returning to Malaysia

This is becoming another wonderful Malaysian experience. I absolutely love this country, and these people. It's fun having Bev along this time - to see it all again through her 'fresh' eyes. This is simply a lovely people. The Malaysians have all the complexities of any nation, any culture - the politics, the poverty, the wealth, the crime ... they have persisted through Arab, Thai, English, Japanese, Portuguese, Dutch - invasions, occupations, influences. They have taken it all in and came through it as an independent nation. Last year Malaysia celebrated their 50th year of independence. That is fairly young as a sovereign nation, yet the culture is so very old.

I've heard of Malaysia referred to as the 'land of smiles'. Maybe it's the climate - warm warm warm - maybe it's the method of negotiation and cooperation that has worked for them over the centuries, maybe it's in their blood... but they are lovely lovely smiling people. The royalty are friendly and humble, the poorest of the poor still smile from their ramshackle porches when they see a horse go by.


Melaka - Arrivals

Bev Gray and I met in the Kuala Lumpur airport today. She had arrived a couple hours earlier on a flight from Los Angeles. Two policemen met us at the airport, and drove us (in a very official car!) down the highway from KL - Selangor - to Melaka (Malacca is the English spelling) . It was an hour or so drive through miles and miles of date palm forests. We arrived at the Everly Resort Hotel on the Atlantic coast (a beach!) at around 4pm, had a quick shower, gathered up laundry to do (everything I have needs washing after 2 weeks in Spain!) and then Bev said 'lets go do something!' I think she's going to be a fun travel partner :) We took a taxi into the city and had a wonderful dinner at a Chinese restaurant, then set off to look for some shops, and right across the street was a 'Health Shop' - massage and reflexology (foot massage/stimulation techniques) and other Asian sorts of therapies. Bev said 'let's go!' (yes, she's going to be fun). So we did and I had my first ever foot massage and reflexology thing. It was fantastic!!! Hot water soak (with a tea bag in the water), massaging and pressing and finding some very painful spots in my feet - and then a leg massage (oh those riding muscles) and then they had to pry me from the chair because I was too relaxed to move. It was really quite wonderful. I think we're going to go back tomorrow for a head/neck/shoulder massage. My neck and shoulders have been hurting since I came off of the mare at the Ladies Challenge in Abu Dhabi ... maybe all I need is a good massage!


Acclimation - Bev Gray

It was a very long and cold winter (training in a snowboard half pipe) I was anxious to retrieve my summer cloths and travel to Melaka, Malaysia and ride the Malaysia International Endurance Event. My Malaysia Air flight was not completely full, but still no place to stretch out and sleep. Only fourteen hours later was a stop in Taipai. Great, I'll check out the duty free area (can't go anywhere else as a transit passenger). It's a treat to check out all the chocolates, fruits, nuts and packaged legs of whatever. I bought a safe can of macadamia nuts. Livin' Wild! Back on the plane with the outbound view of the airport and aircraft; Dragon Air, China Air, Macau Air etc. On to Kuala Lumpur. What a difference the the airline food is loaded from Taipai as opposed to LAX: fresh watermelon, pineapple, papaya, Tai Chicken with vegetables and white wine (it's 10 am, oh but, 7pm in Utah) OK. Early history of Kuala Lumpur is surrounded by the tin industry. Tin in the 1850's and was its own Malaysian gold rush. The tin mines were up the Gomback estuary, which established the early city and crowned its fascinating name - Kuala Lumpur or "Muddy Estuary" in Malay. Certainly, it had its' own "Days of 47" Tin Rush. Gun fights, brothels, gambling and opium dens flourished. Hey, I like nostalgic history. Independence Day from British Rule came in 1974.