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Search & Rescue Team
Three Bosses
Planning the Incident

Going Fishing

Night Rescue Practice

Today and tonight the OC organized practice sessions for the emergency response group. A collection of paramedics, vets, firemen (bombas), military and state governments, etc. all led by Major Rahman the dispatch manager. Zulu drove out to areas on the course and called in "horse and rider down, gray loop, water point 3" (horse fell in canal, rider injured) or "rider injured, fell off horse, yellow loop, 2 kilometers ahead of checkpoint 12", or whatever.

The group back in camp gathered forces - whether they needed a paramedic, horse box, vet, fire truck (to pull the horse out of the canal), whatever. They pinpointed the location of the emergency call and got there as soon as possible. 10 minutes, 20 minutes. On the first night practice call the fire truck got stuck in a muddy part of the trail - a learning experience - be careful which routes you choose.

We were at the canal waiting for the 'response' and saw lights - here they come. no... that's a motorcycle (it was very dark), no .... that's 2 motorcycles. It was two guys out night fishing in the canals! They parked their bikes by the gate, got the key out of the little box and after posing for a picture, headed off down the canal with their poles! A little night life in Terengganu :)

It was quite impressive, and very well organized. The military is playing a major part in this event - well coordinated, accustomed to working hard, following orders - and Zulu has been the perfect 'boss'. It's obvious that everybody likes and respects him - and he's so comfortable and friendly with everybody. He's also an incredibly hard worker, very organized, and very dedicated to this event.

It was an interesting evening!

Steph Steph