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The Marwari Horse

2008 India National Championship and International Invitational

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Here is some info on Rajasthan and Marwari horses, and some interesting links collected by Linda Marins

Endurance.Net was invited to attend this event in India, but due to unanticipated problems with obtaining visas, we were not able to go! We'll post as many stories and photos as we can round up this year, and are already planning to be there next year, in full force. Sheikha Madiya's stable manager, Ali Khan, is from Jaipur - Rajasthan - and he has promised to introduce us to his family. We'll try to make a few more Rajasthan contacts before next year's event, and watch 'The Far Pavillions' a few more times, and make it a grand Rajasthan - Marwari Horse - Tour! ...meanwhile-

Raring to Go

article by Anand Sankar / New Delhi February 03, 2008
In the cold rajasthani desert, the marwari horse shows its mettle in endurance racing.

The moon is still high above the horizon in the wee hours of a freezing winter morning.

I stagger out of my tent to see a fully suited rider warming himself in front of a roaring fire. His mount has already been exercised and is raring like him to head out into the darkness. The day promises to test their skill to the limit.


The Story: Great Britain wins Gold in India

Four endurance riders from Great Britain took on the challenge of riding the magnificent Marwari horse in the 1st International Invitational Endurance Championship' on the edge of the Great Thar Desert, Rajasthan, India.... ... more
ROYAL EQUESTRIAN AND POLO CENTRE is proud to host the 2008 National Championship and International Invitational Endurance Race!.

The Royal Equestrian and Polo Centre is the only horse safari Centre in the Country to be recognised and affiliated with the EQUESTRIAN FEDERATION OF INDIA. We have to our credit to have hosted National Endurance, Tent Pegging and Indigenous Horse Shows. International Horse Show in Tent Pegging and Invitational 100 kms Endurance have also been hosted at Dundlod.

The first ever 100 kms National Endurance GOLD MEDAL has been won by the ROYAL EQUESTRIAN AND POLO CENTRE.

We are the largest Marwari horse breeding stud farm in the country and run a programme for improving the marwari breed under the name of MARWARI BLOODLINES.

Merri Travels - A Taste of Rajasthan - December 1991

I spent several months in 1991 travelling around Nepal-India-Sri Lanka-Bangkok-Hong Kong. Part of the India journey was a trip to Rajasthan in the northwestern part of the country. Highlight was Jaisalmer, (approximately 300 miles WSW of Jhunjunu, where Steph will be), the largest town west into the desert (at that time anyway), where we slept on the roof of a guesthouse that was part of the 1156 AD fort walls, where we watched the red sunrises over India and golden sunsets over Pakistan, the light reflecting off the havelis (temples) and fort sandstone walls.

We did a 4-day camel trek in the desert, in an area where few camel treks had gone before, one of those 'unspoilt' adventures that are getting few and further between on our planet. I'm sure the entire area is completely different now, almost 20 years later.

This was back in the days I was a racetrack groom, and hadn't heard of endurance riding or Marwari horses, but I did see what I now know were some Marwari horses, and I think the 4-day camel trek formed the first inkling of my future in endurance riding.

Following are a few adventures in Rajasthan.

Dinner in Jaisalmer || Traditional Entertainment || Camel Trek - Day 1 || Camel Trek - Day 2 || Camel Trek - Day 3 || Camel Trek - Day 4

International Invitational Endurance : 50 Kms

Participants from UK, Sri Lanka, Scotland, France and India. Unfortunately Steph and John Teeter from USA could not make it as they were not granted visa from Dubai.
GOLD - UK team
Silver - Banasthali Vidyapeth India
  (College and deemed University for Girls)
Bronze- Mody  Girls School Laxmangarh India.
All above teams used Marwari horses

60 Kms National Novice Endurance

Gold - Remount Training School and Depot - Hempur
        - This is an Army unit and
           they use only thoroughbreds.
Silver - Roopniwas Nawalgarh -- Rajasthan
         - first time entered in an endurance and 
            used Marwari Horses
Bronze - Baba Marwari Stud Farm-  Ladnun (Rajasthan)
        - first time entered in 60 kms and 
           used marwari horses.

80 Kms National Endurance

Gold - Remount Training School & Depot - Saharanpur
         - This is an Army unit and they use only thoroughbreds
Silver - Rajasthan Equestrian Association Dundlod Team
         - Marwari Horses
Bronze - Royal Equestrian and Polo Centre Dundlod 
         - Marwari Horses

100 Kms National Endurance

As Army Units did not take part in this event, team event could not take place. Individual Entries were accepted.
  GOLD - Omprakash - Rajasthan Team 
            - rode Marwari Mare
  Silver - Col. R.S. Ahluwalia 
           - rode thoroughbred
Bronze - Raghuvendra Singh Dundlod- Rajasthan 
           - rode Marwari mare.