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Endurance.Net Home 2007: Euston Park CEI***

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Near Thetford, in the SouthEast of Great Britain, on the morning of 8 July and Endurance Race began at 6am. 18 Riders from 9 countries starting the three CEI classes. The race was used as a proving point for the UAE, Bahrain, and Qatar endurance squads as they prepare for the upcoming European Endurance Championship in September. 2 riders from Britain, 2 from India, and 3 from France competed the starting field of the 160km race.

The day also saw CEI*** 120km CEIYR*** 120km events, as well as 6 CEN classes, ranging from 100km Endurance level to 41km CR rides. In all, @100 riders particiapted in a full day of endurance.

HH Sh Nasser Bin Hamad Al Khalifa riding Basic Instinct won the day at the 160km distance, followed by the 3 French riders. At the 120km, Mubarak Khalifa Bin Shafya riding Omani Iman was first to finish while in the 120km Young Rider class, Sarah Rogerson and Chantalle prevailed.

The Euston Park estates provides a beautiful venue for an endurance competion. The 1000+ year old estate is situated in Suffolk, to the west and east of London. The official Euston Portal provides an in depth look at the facilities which exist there today.

To the right, you will find a googleEarth folder which has the routes of the trails which are used by this venue. It is a flat, fast course although heat and humidity provide challenges for horse and rider alike.


1stBRN13Basic Instinct 99 Gr GHH Sh Nasser Bin Hamad Al Khalifa
2ndFRA36Kefir De Sommant 98 Gr GJack Begaud
3rdFRA34Kava 98 Gr MSophie Arnaud
4thFRA54Kheops de Lozelle 98 Gr GOlivier Baeyens
5thUAE4Zeen 97 Ch MHE Sh Ahmed Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum
6thUAE11Glenelg William 96 Gr GGhulam Nader Mohd Abbas
7thIND14Kedjari Des Serres 98 Ch GRaghuveer Singh
8thIND15Joya De GrignonBherupal Singh
9thGBR32Whitbridge Merlin 98 Gr GTricia Hirst
10thBRN20Ideal Des Vialettes 96 Ch GGhazi Al Dosseri
11thBRN39Jassem 97 Gr GRaed Mahmood
12thUAE9Ess Ess Pea 98 Ch GSultan Ahmad Sultan Bin Sulayem
13thQAT44Shagar 94 B GHamad Ali Rashid Al Marri
Eliminated - Lameness VG2
UAE5Whist Des Iviers 95 Ch GHE Sh Majid Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum
Eliminated - Lameness VG1
UAE8Kalkadoon Kampala 97 Gr GHE Sh Abdullah Bin Faisal Al Qasimi
Eliminated - Lameness Finish
GBR33Vlacq Abattarik 99 Ch GGeorgina Hirst
Eliminated - Lameness VG1
QAT42Iris De Saint Agne 96 Gr MAbdulla Towaim Al Marri
Eliminated - Metabolic VG3
QAT43Jasmin De Lap 97 Gr GFahad Mohammed Al Hajri


1stUAE25Omani Iman 97 Gr GMubarak Khalifa Bin Shafya
2ndIND26Kaysand Farrazah 96 Gr GMohammed Ali
3rdIND27Spendacrest Kamoulflage 97 Ch GFaruk Khan Gaganfar Khan
4thFRA24Kevin de Narthoux 98 Ch GGeraldine Jacquet
5thUAE41Nashmi 96 B GIsmail Mohammed
6thPAK17Jazyk 97 Ch GWaheed Murad Ali Murad
7thIND21Garoua 98 Ch GHanuman Singh Bhanwar Singh
8thKAZ18Castlebar Kadeen 97 Gr MAnna Gorobovik
9thFRA57Ganda Koy 96 Gr GLaurent Mosti
10thUAE12Polero I 97 Ch GAhmed Ali Essa Bin Harmash
11thGER51Lola Hippolyte 99 Ch MCaroline Chazel
12thBRN38Maruska El Aziz 95 Ch MSh Duaij Bin Salman Al Khalifa
13thGBR55Karaanza 98 Ch MLiz Taylor
Eliminated - Lameness VG4
BRN2Snowy River Phantom 94 Gr GHH Sh Khalid Bin Hamad AL Khalifa
Eliminated - Lameness VG4
IND16Hungares 98 Gr GChain Singh Mohammed Singh
Eliminated - Lameness VG4
RSA19Zaafaran 94 B GGerda Petronella Burger
Eliminated - Lameness VG3
IND23Al Aghar 97 B GHanuman Singh Hukum Singh
Eliminated - Lameness VG3
GBR29Cal Nikar 89 B MNikki Malcolm
Eliminated - Lameness VG2
GBR40Seras Bandido 97 Ch GElaine Gore
Eliminated - Lameness VG4
BRN50Jalad d?Alauze 96 Gr MSh Talal Al Khalifa
Eliminated - Lameness and Metabolic VG2
GBR52Pierray 98 Gr GSophie O?Hara Smith
Eliminated - Lameness VG4
GBR56Khazino 97 B GSharon Perry

120 km Young Rider

1stGBR60Chantalle 96 Gr MSarah Rogerson
Eliminated - Lameness VG2
GBR58Metallica 93 Gr GHelen Perry
Retired - After VG3
GBR59Bint Al Reeh 96 Ch MKim Deabn